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Thread: dizocilpine maleate (MK-801) - Experienced - 'The horse's fedora'

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    dizocilpine maleate (MK-801) - Experienced - 'The horse's fedora'

    I've experimented with this quite a bit lately and each time was out in public where busting out a mg scale that may or may not be accurate depending how it's feeling was not an absolute necessary option at the point. Ive learned my sweetspot for dosing. The sample comes in a small tube and I would just give it a quick flick and TAKE HALF of whatever sticks to pinky finger, anymore is gonna get you in a D-Hole for HOURS.
    You can definitely feel it kick in within seconds after licking it. It has no taste. You will notice a sharp change, you will be buzzing with an intense energy. About 15-20min later your tongue will taste like it has a small amount of good quality ketamine on it. Over next 5-10min everything will smell like ketamine and an intense mind and body relaxation coupled with just right amount of stimulation.
    After this your vision will change dramatically. I felt like everything was clearer and colors and light differently. Felt like super-vision. There were almost mini fractals covering everything, this is a totally unique effect. Closed eyes i would see scenes, great rooms and landscapes unfold, i would float thru these. This effect would happen in a hole just forced a bit more, much stronger and with a sense if magic and awe at ppl and scenes. It takes open eye imagery and mixes it with magical dreamlikeness.
    This is a full on mystical experience unrivaled in it's territory, on par with dmt imho. It's very ketamine like but more serious or adultlike if that makes sense. Very cool, controllable, and positive. Felt like hightened awareness/senses. Some minor offpoint forgetfulness but afterward i never felt more at ease, on point, flow of thought processes and funny, literally felt like a top notch comedian. I felt physically very comfortable and with plenty of stimulation but could easily relax if i wanted too, but why would i
    Things with eyes closed especially appeared to be covered in pretty little lights and paterns and hypnotic drifting. All these fx VERY gradually taper off over 2 more days then you're just mentally cleansed. Mk801 is the bee's knees, the cat's pajamas AND the cat's meow and the horse's fedora. It is all these things and more, my personal new number 1. Be careful with this 1, treat it with respect and will respect u back

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    Nice to see you post, zonk. Interesting, I love reading about this chemical. Be careful though, it lasts a long time, right? It goes without saying perhaps but for the benefit of random people seeing this thread, you really need to use a scale for something this potent.
    In fact you should use liquid measurement as only very expensive analytical balances are actually accurate to a milligram. Dissolve a larger amount in liquid and measure the liquid to dose.

    In any case, dizocilpine sounds pretty unique in the dissociative world. I remember years ago, there were only like 2 or 3 reports on it on Erowid, and they made it sound pretty creepy/weird/unpleasant. But the reports since then have been much more positive.

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    Never had a dissociative I'd characterize as creepy, perhaps over/under dosing with a negative preconception and setting. PCP's hole can and usually is unpleasant altho the elation coming out of it is great so it's like a scary RIDE i guess. Diphenidine was a bit hard to gage and prone to blackouts. I guess it's all having to do with individual tastes but this was too good imo

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    ^are you at all concerned about long term cognitive issues? I'm in possession of 25mg of mk-801, but as I posted in another thread, the formation of lessons and vacuoles in the brain in primate testing has me very hesitant to give it a go.

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    At what dosages over what period of time ?and i believe all dissociatives at these rates produce same effects

    Basically if u dont take 10mg/day for next few months u b ok

    I remember being at Yale and seeing posters of brainscan images of ppls brains after longterm sustained high dosages and all the dark (dead?)areas and now look at all the research they're doing on the benefits of ketamine for pain, depression, anxiety etc.. Try taking 10x+ the rda of any medication out there and see if you dont experience some psysical/neurological damage, all these studies prove are the age old concept of moderation
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