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Thread: 4-AcO-MET/~33 mg - 2nd trial - Suddenly there was a change

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    4-AcO-MET/~33 mg - 2nd trial - Suddenly there was a change

    So I had this really interesting experience earlier this spring.

    I decided to dose, in honour of Bicycle day - otherwise midweek tripping is usually a no go for my old ass haha damn responsibilities and shite. But given I was to work tthe following day I wanted something light-er. So I prepped dinner after an ealry day off work and then ate ~33 mg of 4 ACO MET.

    I set off immediately on a hike to a friends about 1 hr away through the woods (conservation area). This is only my second experience with this material and at 25 I got the impression of a lighter than mushroom headspace with brighter visuals. So with 33 I figured Id be not quite 35 mg 4 aco dmt high but a solid +3 haha

    I noticed effects almost immediately on my walk and by the time I was almost there I was getting turned around on paths I am very familiar with. It was a beautiful walk and as I breathed in a babbling brook sirens came in the distance to contrast beautifully. And I was reminded of the day we live in and how I was grateful to be in a society which is able to afford the luxury of psychedelics. Let alone something so peculiarly unnatural to most people.

    I arrived just as I was peaking and was thankful to sit. They were watching Hells Kitchen. Not my thing but I just sat eyes closed in my own world.

    As they ate dinner, spaghetti, which I politely declined (they knew why haha); I lay on the couch with eyes closed and couldnt help but hear them eat, it was a hilarious sound track and I couldnt help but laugh. At this point CEVSs consisted mostly of constantly evolving geometrical shapes and patterns, not like the images of mushrooms/4acodmt.

    After dinner I sat with the kids and they told jokes. Suddenly the eldest daughter asked a knock-knock joke for the hundredth time and something snapped.

    Is that really how you (we) start a joke?

    Something didnt register.

    I know thats how we start jokes but ....

    It Didnt make sense no matter how hard I tried lol

    And this is the weird part
    Suddenly my visuals changed. From light and colourful to dark and dreary. From red yellow to blue green.
    As if the confusion set something off.

    Then we go for a smoke and as were passing the bathroom the doors closed and my friend knocks on the door to see wtf (they have 4 kids and ya never know).

    She knocks again. "Knock-knock"

    It was too fucking much. I nearly fell over in tears
    Its all coming together now hahah

    Anyways the rest of the trip was righteous as we watched the rest of hells kitchen. Another friend stopped by and we smoked a bunch of weed.

    I then left in the dark for a trippy walk through the woods.
    Half way through I chickened out on the through the woods bit (I figured Id get lost still half tripping some 5 hours after dosing and now proper stoned) and stuck to a path along a busy road so there would be no confusion.

    Along my way I pondered again about the cookie cutter houses and the time we live in. Staring up at the crescent moon under high voltage electrical wires with cars blazing by at 80km/hr in a blur of headlights makes one wonder.

    I am thankful for such an experience.
    It was an affirmation of my current direction in life and a very pleasant surprise. I was expecting something much lighter but was delighted to find that this substance showed such remarkable depth (the peaks on the waves were almost too much for a social setting but thankfully these guys are trippy "family" and understand haha)

    Now I normally wouldnt post such a trip report but the stark contrast in visuals surrounding the confusion really made me wonder wtf ... It persisted the rest of the trip too (perhaps in part due to the setting sun??). Has anyone experiences such a phenomenon?

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    Awesome trip report, tired of crap!
    I enjoyed reading it, especially the twist about the Knock Knocks! Nice!

    Yeah, visuals are heavily colored by our emotional state which is balancing like rope walker when we take a good dose of psychedelics, hence the importance of set and setting.

    These kind of things happen to me very often and lately it started involving auditory hallucinations and distortions as well. My first ever trip on mushrooms showed it in all it's glory - I got freaked out because of some disagreements with my then girlfriend and it triggered visual demonic growth in everything, it was quite realistic looking too.
    But then, as I changed the setting to going outside for a smoke, visuals changed into hunter's instinct and euphoric zooming in and fracturing, all demonic stuff was gone in no time!

    Usually this happens when I'm not able to get out of confusion that creates too much tension. The resolution is to clear the mind and remember that it's empty by nature - this aspect of our minds especially prominent when tripping. So whatever comes in there, becomes embedded in patterns that the overactive mind is creating, so we start seeing realistic distortions. When we are scared even a tiny bit, it can easily become an infinite visual terror if we let it happen.

    Playing singing bowls is really really good for situations when obvious hellishness starts to come out IME. Reason behind is that resonating signing bowl will create sound patterns as various mandalas - our mind will pick up on it and rearrange itself accordingly - it will become like a mandala. It will bring back rainbow colors and sparkliness of a clear mind. Just keep playing it till you feel great!

    Thank you for the trip report again!

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    Yes I have had numerous trips turn surrounding an intense emotional event.
    I suppose I just was not expecting it from such, what I thought was, a modest substance.

    I have also had demonic visuals.
    One heavy candy flip (with mda), years back now, I was listening to some tunes in the dark with my blaklight on. Suddenly Jim Morrisons fiery painting became all too real. Dr Jim became the devil himself and in fright I made a break for upstairs. Unfortunately I found no reprieve in Renaissance , nor in Cars 3 which was to follow..

    And auditory hallucinations, or perhaps just projections of my inner monologue (but at the time(s) I was soo far from baseline that I couldnt tell if it was just me thinking it or wtf).

    I usually try a change of setting to pull me out of these times.
    I am definitely interested in trying singing bowls though.

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