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Thread: (DMT / 120mg) - Beginner - Enema Ingested Formosahuasca (ACRB + Syrian Rue)

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    (DMT/120mg - NMT/150mg) - Beginner - Enema Ingested Formosahuasca (ACRB + Syrian Rue)


    Ingestion method: intrarectal -- enema injections held 30minutes each, first S. rue tea, then A. confusa brew
    Incredibly intense trip lasting 1-1.5 hours; baseline in two hours
    Breakthrough to insane alien space
    NO nausia
    NO vomiting
    NO diarrhea


    Syrian rue tea - 30-minute simmer on stove top

    A. confusa - 1/7 vinagar-water extraction in oven-range for 1.5hours at 120^C. 1ml vinagar+7.5ml water/gram bark powder. Two pulls in total.

    Final ACRB liquid of combined pulls was 70ml.

    Sodium carbonate was added to brew to get pH up to 7.

    The DMT/NMT estimates are based on information found on the A. confusa wiki.
    I did NOT do a full extraction to crystal form; I only cooked a tea using a weak acid for a better tryptamine pull.


    Intrarectal (enema)

    1. The first injection was 50ml warm water, with a 50ml pet syringe (needle removed), then expelled promptly which cleaned the bowel.
    2. The second, 30ml Syrian rue tea + 20ml A. confusa brew, which was held for 30 minutes, then expelled. Faintly superficial effects were felt by the end of the 30 minutes.
    3. The remaining 50ml A. confusa brew was injected, then held ~30 minutes, then expelled. I lost touch with space-time so not entirely sure.


    Closed-eye visuals at 12 minutes in of the 30 minites I held in the A. confusa brew. Wild fractals.

    Time distortions, skips and loops, were totally disorienting and somewhat disturbing. It was impossible to remember when the experience had started or calculate when it might end.

    When it came on, I felt this world fragmenting away.

    Everything sped up to the speed of light; my physical body could not handle it. I had to lie down and submit to the experience.


    Breakthrough was obvious.

    Insane fear, sounds, at first like fucked up pulsating music.

    Massive open-eye visuals. Wow!!

    This world, this dimension, was moving and distorted. The house seemed fake and cracking, like a failing simulation.

    That world was enirely alien and alive, lunging and playing at me, trying to impress me. Bombastic.

    When my EYES were OPEN, I was in this dimension, but I heard all of the sounds and felt all of the energy from the spirit dimension.

    When my EYES were SHUT, I was completely in the spirit dimension.

    Turning off the light, it was so overwhelming that I had to turn it back on and occasionally open my eyes.

    I would 'go back in', covering my eyes with my hands, totally immersed in that spirit dimension, uncovering my eyes occasionally for a breather.

    It was a SOUND-DOMINANT EXPERIENCE. There was an orchestra of energy playing for me.

    The entire space was pulsating with it. It was fucking alive. The living space projected the sounds, heavy on alien beats, multidimensional didgeridoo, moving with the sounds. Purple energy blurs were projecting the sounds at me intensely as if they had waited centuries to show me.
    The radiant energy accompanying the sounds is what was really unnerving.
    It was like my children saying---dada! Look at me! Listen to this!

    I thought it would never end. I wanted to go home. I wanted it to be over.

    There was nothing but love taken from the experience, though. They jammed for me. They were family.

    One hour in - massive closed eye visuals and sounds. Nuts!!

    It began to taper off at about 1hour15minutes.

    After visiting that world, or perhaps returning to it, who knows? it occurred to me that life in a biological body in this dimension would be an incredibly relaxing vacation getaway for entities coming from there.

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    Amazing! That's how DMT is!
    You trip report makes me want to take a good dose of it again, such familiar feelings you describe!..
    Very nice preparation guide too, appreciate that, miller2082!

    When I dive in the hyperspace, I like to put some cloth over eyes, so they remain closed for the entire experience - to me going in and out can become pretty confusing...

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    Hyperspace is a great description.

    Everyone should see that place at least once.

    Cheers, volsam.
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