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Thread: 3-phenylpyrrolidine (3-pp) - on going experimentation - so far meh...

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    3-phenylpyrrolidine (3-pp) - on going experimentation - so far meh...

    I am doing this reddit style not much to note as of yet.

    When i originally ordered this from a reputable supplier they refused to salt it out which i found odd. Anyway went grow shop, bought a ph meter and some muriatic from wallyworld. It smelt like ammonia originally but as i salted it gradually took on the smell of burnt electronics and think brown oil, over acidifying it a little didnt seem change it much, still thick light brown oil.
    Thought maybe i fucked it so shelved it and ordered another from different supplier and it looked and smelled like like burnt motor oil, with some tar gook and 1 black crystal at top, what the fuck again, i was expecting white powder.

    Too gross looking and smelling for me to feel adventurous enough to try. Ended up deciding to try some while on mk801, took a pull in glass oil pipe of the black shit and got some mouth chatter/teeth grind effect but nothing else, maybe mk801 had more of an effect with it but not strong or pleasant enough to continue then.

    2. Took after an mk801 trip where i coherently and voluntarily admitted self to hospital but I'll write up that report seperate..
    Periodically placed atleast 10-40mg at a time in oil pipe and took as big as a hit i could each time. Upon vaporization wasnt too bad although friends commented on smell. Didn't change room super funky like pvp so not too bad. When i was at hospital they had given me something too sleep in my leg, was very strong against dizocilpine but did work after sometime. If this was still in my system perhaps it was blocking cause i felt way less after hours of occasional megarips, not much other than a subtle effect came of it. Maybe will wait of 48hrs to see if more of an effect can be had.

    To be continued :/ ...

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    So to update, after an explosive orgasm at 3am i had intensely weird stimulation like just weird physical stimulation like breathing was weird. Seemed like purely physical but not in an adrenergic way. I read it analogs were D3 agonists, didn't feel nauseas but i dont care for the effect. Nothing pleasant mentally or physically and next morning tried again, more of the same, so unless there's still residual interaction with hospital meds or this shit is just a dead end... for me there is a dramatic difference between the way eaten or sniffed cocaine feels from the weird uncomfortable nothingness of freebased. This seems a very LITTLE bit like that.
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