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Thread: (IV Black Tar Heroin 100mg/IV 4-AcO-DMT 8mg) - Experienced - What a rush, instant +++

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    (IV Black Tar Heroin 100mg/IV 4-AcO-DMT 8mg) - Experienced - What a rush, instant +++

    I havent seen many reports of people taking decent opiate doses with IV 4-AcO-DMT. Since its something Ive been doing lately to greatly soothe the comeup anxiety and make the rush mostly euphoric, I thought I would share this report from my notes last night.

    8:30 pm- My roommate asks me for some 4-AcO-DMT to do a shot. This sounded like a good idea to me, so i weighed us both out approx. 8mg of the fumurate salt (weighed on gempro 250 .001 scale). I also weigh myself 100mg of decent quality black tar heroin. My opiate tolerance at this point would probably take 150mg to have me nodding hard. Cooked the dope up in .8ml water, then let it sit to cool and added another .2ml to the spoon before adding the 4-aco-dmt, which quickly dissolves with a little stirring.

    8:45 Sitting on my bed, made the shot up with both drugs in the same 31g 1ml insulin syringe. Had the cap at the ready. Hit my favorite vein.

    T - 7seconds: Loud buzzing heard as soon as I took the tie off loose, incredibly intense euphoric psychedlic rush with a background of the warm soothing heroin rush felt at this time. Got the cap on and set the needle down just before my entire vision was filled with color shifting geometric patterns but also some wave patterns on certain surfaces, like my fleece blanket. Definite +++ in under 10 seconds.

    T - 0:05 Been laying my face in my fleece blanket which seems to ebb and sway as if it were some strange neon ocean. Intense appreciation for how soft this blanket is. Euphoric rush still going strong, feels like the hair on the back of my neck is standing up. Strangely there are no CEV's, just intense OEV's. Geometric fractal patterns seem to heavily layer over any straight and flat surface in the room. Any curved surface was layered with bright waves of light that are rather hard for me to explain.

    T - 0:45 Visuals are starting to die down, still present are strong sedation and psychedelic headspace with occasional warping and breathing observed. down to ++

    T - 1:15 Visuals completely gone, headspace starting to fade. Definitely on the come down.

    T 2:00 Back to Baseline.(heroin going strong but psychedelia gone, to clarify)

    All in all, I think i really found my sweet spot dose at 8mg. Combined with the heroin the rush becomes much more uniformly euphoric. It was like a smoked DMT trip but the peak lasts for 40 minutes. Its my opinion that this rush is even more intense than the smoked dmt rush. You could easily get ++++ with this ROA starting at 20mg + dose range. I was ++++ for 20 minutes from a 15mg shot i did a few weeks ago, but i seem to be more sensitive than most others who have written about trying this ROA. It still boggles mind some of the 30 - 40mg reports, I couldnt imagine the intensity. Some of you guys sure are daredevils here on BL. Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading.

    Happy tripping,


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