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Thread: (Kratom / 7g, 4g, 5g) - First time - Is this what shitty kratom is like?

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    (Kratom / 7g, 4g, 5g) - First time - Is this what shitty kratom is like?

    I got some green Bali kratom a few days ago in the mail. I bought some because I'm quite a fan of opiates and don't have access to any more pills, so I thought I'd give this stuff a try while it's still legal in my state. I ordered an ounce to start with, and they gave me two. I meant to get red Bali but some how ended up with green Bali, no big deal I guess.

    3 days ago I mixed 7 grams of kratom with some juice and downed it. It wasn't great but I've tasted worse things (namely downing cough syrup for DXM. Gross.). I was expecting it to hit me anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour, like I've read. Strange enough it hit me in 20 minutes, and I felt like I had taken 10mg of hydrocodone. But then another 20 minutes later it fizzled out. So within less than an hour the show was over. From what I read, usually the effects last a couple of hours, but while it felt amazing, it was really short.
    The next morning I woke up with the worst headache, and later threw up in the bathroom. Maybe 7g was too high of a starting dose? So, the next night I take 4 grams.....and I felt absolutely nothing. But I woke up feeling fine, and did not throw up. Perhaps I dosed too low this time.

    Night number 3, I tried taking 5 grams. It hit me twenty minutes later, like the 7g dose did. Only this time it only felt nice for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, then nothing once again.

    After my three day experiment with kratom, I can say that I like it, for the short time that I can feel anything. Next time I buy more, I think capsules will be easier, because the powder is really hard to mix in drinks. But, what I would like an opinion on is, do you think I bought shitty quality kratom? With every other report I read the effects lasted at least 3 times longer.

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    It's hard to say. Could be low quality could be high quality or could be anywhere in-between. Not everyone reacts the same to Kratom. What you experienced may be typical for you with decent quality, or it may not be. :/

    When I take decent quality Kratom on an empty stomach I only feel "high" for a very short time too. But there are more subtle secondary effects - like a pleasant stimulation, motivation, improved mood etc that hang around for several hours. Feels like a really good cup of coffee but better somehow. Kratom also synergizes really well with coffee but be careful mixing the two if you are sensitive to caffeine.

    I didn't really notice these secondary effects the first few times I took Kratom. So at first, I was disappointed too. Then, by the third of fourth time I took it, I became aware of them and I really started to appreciate Kratom. There is a lot more going on with Kratom then just it's primary opioid effects imo.

    You mentioned waking up with a headache from 7g and then throwing up. This may be be because you took too much but it also could be simply from dehydration. Kratom powder has a tendency to absorb a lot of water out of your system as it's digested. A large 7g dose can demand enough water from you to cause things like a headache or even a hangover like feeling if your not hydrating properly. Next time you dose try to drink plenty of water with the Kratom as well as slowly drink water throughout the rest of the day.

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    If you're looking for the best painkilling kratom, red maeng da is potent and consistent. I'm a near daily kratom user and 4g is enough to reach +2 level effects, constricted pupils, feeling of warmth, even nice euphoria if I go up to 5g, and 7g is great as a rapid acting antidepressant. Get it fresh, online kratom is too sketchy. Remember "Mellow Gold" and o-desmethyltramadol adulterated "UEI" debacles? Know your source...

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