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Thread: (DMT/30mg - NMT/37mg) - Beginner - Enema Ingested Formosahuasca (ACRB + Syrian Rue)

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    (DMT/30mg - NMT/37mg) - Beginner - Enema Ingested Formosahuasca (ACRB + Syrian Rue)


    Ingestion method: intrarectal -- enema injections held 16-11 minutes repectively, first S. rue tea, then A. confusa brew
    Very weird trip lasting 50 minutes; baseline in one hour
    Orchestra of alien beats and didgeridoo
    Fractal mathematical nature of reality
    *Time fragmentation and loops

    Vision of energy beings as faces-more like masks
    NO nausia
    NO vomiting
    NO diarrhea


    3g Syrian rue tea - 30-minute simmer on stove top

    3g A. confusa - 1/7 vinagar-water extraction in oven-range for 1.5hours at 120^C. 1ml vinagar+7.5ml water/gram bark powder. Two pulls in total.

    PH. was adjusted to 7 with NaCO3.

    The DMT/NMT estimates are based on information found on the A. confusa wiki.
    I did NOT do a full extraction to crystal form; I only cooked a tea using a weak acid for a better tryptamine pull.


    1. Enema with warm water to clear large intestine
    2. Syrian rue tea enema ingested and held 16 minutes
    3. A. confusa tea enema ingested and held for 11 minutes until my ears started ringing and it began to grab me from my body

    Even though I have had an experience with 12g of A. confusa, the moment I felt it come on I thought:
    Oh shit! Here it comes.
    Thank God it has only got me for an hour.


    22:18 - 3g syrian rue ingested
    HELD ONLY 16 minutes, then I had to go!!

    22:40 - Ingested A. confusa tea made with 3g A. confusa root bark (ACRB)
    22:51 Expelled liquid as soon as tympania came on
    22:53 mild hallucinations, cotton mouth, and sweaty hands and feet

    It comes on as frightening as a real-life horror movie, taking me directly to my deepest core fears. (Although it ended in profound love.)

    However, this experience was not nearly as bad as the 12g experience, which suggests a dose dependence. Or, if there is rewiring of fear and anxiety centers as the literature suggests then perhaps my previous experience put a huge dent in my irrational fears.

    23:09 Trip is peaking now

    Incessant beats-mega rapid fire.

    My head felt swollen and full of light like the sun was in my head.

    Once into peak territory it was like a loop, repeats, like the cycles of beats-my perception was warped in a geometrical way. Everything is so alien but seemingly manufactured.
    Time specifically seemed fragmented, skipping back moments at a time, going forward three moments, then skipping back one or so. When on the 12g ACRB dose this phenomenon was extreme such that I had absolutely no grasp of how much time had past or even what time it was-even when I looked at a clock.

    What I did see, it was like I was looking through glass to the other side, but I was not there.

    Heavy body high.

    22:22 beats are very very faint

    Met a few energies near the end that bled through the darkness. Friendlies.
    One, a whitish and blue being, sort of like a DBZ character.

    23:39 It is over
    Total trip time ~50 minutes


    -Come on - serious perception distortion

    -Full on trip - alien beats and didgeridoo-it is a didgeridoo space!

    -Come down - music still played, all didgerido. Wild. Then I saw the vision of two energies which turned out to be tiny faces. One was white with blue coloring.

    -Finish - Deepened sense love for family, especially my kids. I wanted to immediately make changes that would improve their lives.

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    Very interesting, this is the first I've heard of an ayahuasca enema. Thanks for sharing!

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