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Thread: Benzydamine 1800mg - Experienced - You tell me

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    Benzydamine 1800mg - Experienced - You tell me

    First, i want to start mention following: This is my own experience, i have no intentions to lie. Never posted but i visit this forum daily. I did try many drugs. This is my third experience with main substance. I'm writing this second day after comedown because there was absolutely no way i could write this with clear mind and raw judgement earlier then now. This should not. be OTC drug without prescription.

    So i came across this drug when i was rolling on zolpidem with my buddy at his apartment, particularly when we were looking for anything that could have recreational properties.
    Found Tantum Rosa (Rosalgin in EU) in salt looking powder form. After some research was done i could not find any in-depth information about benzydamine, only basic and brief description although with no information about mechanism of action or straight classification. Read through various trip reports but there wasn't any compartment to what i experienced later on..Also this substance should be something like DXM / Deliriant / Hallucinogen.
    First 500mg experience was shit. Second experience with 1g is comparable to psychonaut description.

    I was ready for third time. Even though i planned to trip on 2g dose, i was not able to ingest it. Drinking it is not a good idea since it is one of the nastiest tastes owing to sodium chloride. Decided to do parachute 1,5g and drink other 500mg with coke. Did that except last 200mg parachute failed because i almost puked.


    T: 19:00 - 1.8g dose ingested. I was outside so i decided to roll a joint to fuck with taste but not that much successfully and also speed up the onset and see how thc would affect benzydamime.

    T: 19:35 - After being low from horrible taste i began to feel the onset which reminded me start of DXM. I perceived reality like as i was watching movie but more real but definitely i was not clear minded it was very subtle. When i closed my eyes i felt space in front my eyes if that makes sense. Sense of empty euphoria was present. Comparable to DOx family. My mood began to getting better

    T: 20:10 - Nauseous. My vision was becoming unfocused a little. Same mild disconnected reality feeling but more intense.
    Took off a bus which i took onto way home. I thought i was sitting in bus for hour but actually it was 20 minutes. Time dilation in my brain was present.
    While walking out the effects were intensified with addition of very subtle and slight confusion and disorientation and partial disbalance in walking (could not walk straight for 30m without one tangle.
    At this point i did not expect it to be that strong at this time since this was completely different from last time.

    T: 20:35 - I stopped at local park decided to roll another joint, this time with more troubles. I have blank now I don't remember smoking and after. Slight hallucinations began to arise (seeing light patterns, moving auras, seeing motion of things, hearing noises). Thoughts were as if i observed them then mixed with reality. You could already say that i was nuts. My body was kinda shaking and my fingers trembling also some of my muscles. My body began to feel more relaxed.

    T: 20:50 - This is what i hardly recall but the time is exact i can remember times very well for some reason. I could not recognise my mood it was very hard to explain, i was feeling as if my feelings were "synthetic" and indistinguishable. My sense of reality was not on spot. I was living in a bubble and could only cotrol my words/motion. That's it.
    While walking down a street mentioned effects began to intensify brutally in two i would almost say episodes. At one moment, all my color vision was discolourized, patterns of colorful nature of world began to create patterns and the worst at one second i DID NOT KNOW WHERE I WAS, WHO I AM, WHAT AM I DOING.. Disorientation and worst confusion ever. One of the most crooked feelings that lasted for one second. Then it went back to normal. Then again, but after i walked another 20 metres.
    I'm telling you i did not give any shit about what was happening i was in state of pseudo-opioid euphoria i wasn't even sure if something was happening. Staring into nothing was diggin up more into hallucinations

    T: 21:00 - Hallucination faded away. My mood improved. Went to chill out to local bar. Had one beer. At this point my speech was suppressed. If you talked to me you would immediately know i had something. It was similiar to OPIATES. Almost identical. My voice tone was low. Words did not come out properly.

    T: 21:10 - Everything persists. Hallucinations were increased due to sun going down. Confusion arosed again but this time more "with me" as if also my conscious experince was also confused. My distorted vision became. Now i could not walk more then 30 metres without looking as if i had bottle of vodka. Could not speak even more. My body was more shaky.

    T: 21:20 - I was fucked up. But decided to try roll a joint. No success. My hands were trembling. Paranoia arrived. It was almost sunset. At this point all described effects were HEAVILY increased. Hallucinations were not that heavy. I did not know what was going on i was glad i was walking. I did not feel myslef anymore. This was completely altering.

    T: 21:50 - But the worst is yet to come. Now i knew I was going to peek. I live in small town with lots of field. This was my destination to trip at.
    I literally had to sit down on grass because my soul and perception of reality was creating pusles in my head.
    Lighted up a cigarette.
    As i was watching forest 70 metres away from me i noticed two people circa 70 metres away from me. They were talking about something.. and looking at me. Finishig cig when i heard laughing at me saying "he is smoking cigarette there"
    At this point i realized it's all hallucinations. Wasn't suprised i also realized i did not give any fuck about it - i considered it as reality even when i realized it's not real but that did nothing.
    Some distance away there is a bench so i stood up. Went there. But i was disappointed when i saw a person with bike there sitting there - obviously he had the same idea as me..
    When i was getting closer i asked him from distance if it's ok to him if i sit there and roll a cigarette (did not want to say joint)
    He replied.. "You can try it". I was like what the fuck when he said that.
    So i did. Sat there. Started taking out gadgets for weed. In this moment i asked myself "where is he?". I turned left. And there he was.. climbing like a monkey on the tree but he was kinda "off" i did not give any shit and this was the moment when it hit me: It's all hallucinations again.


    T: 22:00 - It was dark already. Or was it? I honestly do not remember. It's like every time phase is either dark and light. I could not recognise light or dark. Hallucinations were my world now. I was in delirium. I don't know what i became what i felt. I just knew one thing. Im fucked.
    Random biker was passing me when i was sitting on bench. He looked at me. I looked at him. Hallucination
    It was dark out already but i saw light i did not know there was any dark
    I saw lights as if it was in daylight. I knew it was day..
    Minutes passed when i "saw" those two people again (you know i could see them in dark tens of meters away from know..)
    I literally saw following: Silhouette of a cabin inside the woods mentioned earlier (where i was smoking cigarette) and these people were smoking weed! I saw it!!! (Note that those woods were like 70 metres away from me in dark).
    I thought to myself there never was any cabin there but it looked too real so I believed it.
    I was Constantly sitting up and down. Wombling around like a zombie. Trust me when i say it was daylight..
    Then after, i noticed those people were waving at me to come to them. I did gesture to imitate confirmation of me going there and they did too.
    I noticed i stood up. Started walking towards them. Through high grass field without giving a shit but i saw everything around as if it was daylight.
    Approaching them i noticed they are going away. I was pissed off because they fooled me. Dragging me all the messy way. Well at least im going to take a look at that mysteriousl cabin. When i got there i saw the cabin realer. At the distance from which i came from i saw those people again walking in one place. They were going but not moving. I saw all in light
    Then i have blank. Thinking 2 hours passed it was actually 10 minutes

    T: 22:20 - Wanting to go back to finally roll the joint i noticed at my right side there is, in other words i saw following: Sun shining hot on vast Africa plains. When someone, let the lions out and they started running across the field, i saw they muscular bodies tearing up apart their freshly catched prey. I saw it. I saw blood. What if they eat me. I was legitimately scared but i did not give any shit anyway because i wanted to go back roll the joint finally. I crouched, walking as slowly and quietly as i could.
    Shredded memories now..I was in conscious unconscious. The delirium was in me. I was in the verge of non control. I felt like altering from soul.

    *Total Blank*

    Prepare yourself. This was the main shit.

    T: 22:30 - I'm now looking at New Audi A6 thinking its my dads because he found a good deal.


    T: 22:30 - In the state of absolute fuckedness I'm grabbing something. I realized it's a fence. I did not know where i was. What am i doing. What is this shit and why the fuck am i climbing a fence. But naturally i climbed it over. I realized i did this because i wanted to eat after workout, aiming to get bananas. Thats exactly what i was thinking


    Some woman came out of nothing when she told me I'm at her property.
    (Could not stand straight, couldn't say one normal sentence without talking crap, i only saw I'm im place, i was literally out of my mind, I didn't know where i was)
    I asked her (don't laugh) for beer. I remember she told me are you fucking kidding me? I was like no
    Then, i realized where I am!!!
    I told her i live there!! I was literally forcing myself to speak to convince her i live there. Wtf


    Now talking with her ?husband and he was asking me if i was lost or something and i told him i'm not and that live here..
    He was looking at me very confused and telling me that i do not.

    T: 22:40 - My conscious was cleaned a bit and i realized what i did. I said to him sorry and went home. This guy and his wife were my neighbors. Going to skip conversation with my parents yeah?

    T: 00:00 - 9:00 - Throwing up alot. nausea. Cold sweat. Puking. Insomnia. Slight Hallucinations. Feeling conscious.

    T: 9:00 - 00:00 (next day) - Same disconnected reality feeling. Altering thinking. Not able to focus. Comedown.

    T: The other day i started hallucinating again in the morning which was totally unexpected it was over 32h..

    T: Today: Feeling myself again.
    Last notes:
    The state from 21:45 until 22:30 i describe as this: Massive disorganization of behaviour. Altering conscious reality. Heaviest hallucionations ever - LSD is shit comparing it's effects (not in psychadelic way). Tremendous confussion. Robotic. Odd. Personality distortion. Motoric functions were off. Racional thinking was not present at all. Inability to speak. Transformatiom of reality. Imaginary scenarios with reality connection. Motor control loss. Internal hallucinations. Both visual and auditory. Visual haze. Drifting. Delirium.
    There was something very dreadful.. about reality
    Lasted over 36 hours. Peak about 3-4 hours with 1 hour of absolute peak. Onset about 1-2 hours. Lasting over a day.
    Be very careful with this.
    Sorry to my neighbors. I told them sorry the next day.

    I will answer all questions.

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    Thank you for a trip report on such an uncommon substance. Interesting read.

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    Whoa, sounds very confusing. Sounds quite similar to very high-dose diphenhydramine, or actually more like datura except less creepy. Thanks for the report, haven't seen many on this substance. Be careful...

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