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Thread: Oxycontin Old Formulation help

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    Oxycontin Old Formulation help

    Cant believe my luck having these falling into my lap.
    Thats right a half box of 20 (not 28 ) pre 04/2014 Oxycontin 40mg printed with OC that have been properly stored for at least six years.
    As these tablets were around long before my opiate days just wondering if a cotton filter will suffice for IV use or is a wheel filter still a must as i am guessing the old formulation has a lot of micro cellulose similar to MS-contin. And should I just clean yellow dye off exterior of tablet with a alcohol wipe or just water.
    Any other advice for prepping for IV or smoking.
    Really don't wanna waste these bad boys as I doubt I will ever see anything close ever again.
    Cheers all

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    The old OC ammonio methacrylate copolymer formulation does contain some talc so a .22um wheel filter is def best. I'm a big fan of the Omicron triple layer PVDF .22um as they have superior performance and value as compared to the cheaper ones that blow out quickly. The OC 40 coating comes off easy with an alcohol wipe or wet paper towel. As far as smoking the OC 40's it's a waste of API due to thermal decomposition along with the nasty non oxy excipients/ time release smoke. Good Luck drunky and Welcome to BL :-)

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    I hope you know just what you have, my God. I liked to eat the original Oxys or shoot them up, super easy to shoot, just take off the coating and user a pill grinder or two spoons to dust the fuck out of em. Filtration can be a bitch, but is worth the trouble. ENJOY!!

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    Weird. I just read on a different forum 2 people come across “old 40’s) and then I had a buddy (2 weeks ago) come across the old 80’s...remember the ones you just suck the green blue coating off and your ready to do whatever you want? Wonder if there’s been a back stock of these. It can’t be coincidence that this all happened around the same time...or could it be...hmmm maybe we’re all neighbors and there’s backstock floating around? Lol.

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    Hmm its an even stranger coincidence that I am not even in the same hemisphere, though u never know with AF One floating abouts atm maybe thats trumps grand plan for the opiod epidemic in the US. Its genius, drop a whole a bunch o back stock expired pharma and seized narcotics into traditionally opioid impoverished nations. A a lack of global tolerance will yield half of everyone DOA and the other half hooked enough that we will tolerate anyone so long as US foreign intravenous aid were to keep up.
    Now Ive had my conspiracy fun u can probably tell that my first couple went down nicely and even had some dex-amphetamine for company.
    The ol pharma gods have blessed me with their chemistry these past 48hrs.

    And will roll you own ciggarette filters suffice for a hit till i get wheel filters in mail in the next few days.

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    These are doing the rounds in the UK too I had some just the other week. Original formula oxy is still scripted all over Europe.

    I recommend just crushing and snorting rather than IV though, there's no IV rush from oxy as I understand it and snorting hits almost as fast without nearly as many safety risks.

    Enjoy your oxy safely my friend!

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    god damn you i am insanely jealous...i would literally pay hundreds of dollars for a real old OC....cherish it my friend....

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    so should I have a shot or just snort, i am thinking i should try at least one before this suppl;y dwindles to zero,
    I find snortin still takes an insane amount of time to come on, the taste of them is ten times what new formula is, you would litterally need a mouthful of new formula to get the same amount of bitterness from chewing one old formula. It took me by surprise as i will subligulally have four 40mgs at times of new formula and have become accustomed to the taste.

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    Have you tried just bombing them? That is crush the pill up to beat the time release, stick it in some Rizla (rolling paper), wrap it up, and eat that. So you have IR oral oxy. Should have the highest BA and longest high.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drunkytux View Post
    And will roll you own ciggarette filters suffice for a hit till i get wheel filters in mail in the next few days.
    No, shooting pills is bad news - if you don't have microns yet, just eat, snort or whatever until your filters arrive. Not worth the risk, and oxy has high oral bioavailability compared to something like morphine

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