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Thread: Taking Percocet after days without Suboxon

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    Taking Percocet after days without Suboxon


    I am on Suboxone sublingual tablets, each morning I take two 8mg+2mg pills (8mg buprenorphine + 2mg naloxone), so a total Buprenorphine dose of 16mg per day.

    My last dose was Friday morning, it is now Sunday afternoon (about 54 hours since my last dose). Would I be able to take Percocets now without getting precipitated withdrawals? If it makes a difference, I have been on Suboxone for about two years, always the same dose.

    Thank you for the help. I know a common reply to questions like this is ?use the search engine? but I promise you that I did. I must?ve read 20+ threads, but I just felt like either I didn?t see the answer I need, or I did see it but didn?t realize it was the answer I was looking for. So I thought I?d ask here. Thank u so much for the help! I love this site, Bluelight is an incredible resource, u guys are awesome
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    Ok well, I just took 2 percs. Hopefully they do what I want them to, then i’ll probably take a few more

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    You won't get precipitated withdrawal. If u were on oxy then switched to sub u would. But I think you will be fine the other way around....the thing is though, your tolerance is likely to high for Percocet

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    I was going to ask if you were fully in withdrawal but it's a moot point now.

    The number of hours or days before being safe from PWs is different for everyone but the one common thing is to make sure the bupe is off your receptors. After 2 years of 18mgs of bupe a day I imagine it would take 4 or 5 days.

    I think your small dosage of oxy will be okay though. If you'd taken 50 mgs you might have found yourself in a world of hurt.

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    Hmm true ok. Thank you for the replies. I think I will stay off my Suboxone and just save the rest of the percs for a few more days. I certainly am starting to feel a slow/draggy, which is the first thing I notice when I forget to take a daily Suboxone dose. But I was definitely not in ful withdrawals. Thank you guys, very much appreciate it :)

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    I kinda wish you guys had started to reply, oh say,... 5 minutes earlier. But what can you do lol

    (btw that’s just a little joke for humour. Being able to get these kinds of questions answered is tough, in my mind there is only one reliable place on Earth. And that is, of course, Bluelight )

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    I know my # of posts is very low, but believe me... I use this site a TON. It’s absolutely incredible, and it’s probably saved my life (or at least saved my ass) a dozen times

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    Just to clarify there is NO issue going to a full Mu agonist (percs, OXy, Hydro, Heroin, etc) from a partial agonist (subutex, suboxone), only from a full agonist back to a partial agonist as Precipitated WD is real in that case. A 24-36 hour break will ensure that you can feel the full agonist though as buprenorphine doesn't like to share the receptors with anything else that isn't uber potent.

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