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Thread: First time zaleplon

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    First time zaleplon

    Hey everyone,
    I?ve recently run into some zaleplon 10?s, and noticed the fun ?controlled substance? sticker on the side of the bottle, so I decided to do some research. I?ve read that it causes some pretty severe hallucinations if you take it without going to bed, but I?ve looked everywhere and can?t seem to find how to start out. How much should I take for the first time to get good hallucinations? And what is the best ROA? I don?t wanna waste any of these pills and not get high, but at the same time, I don?t want to wake up in a hospital.
    Thanks in advance for the replies!

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    You should really just start out with 10mg to see how it effects you. I wouldn't consider it wasting pills, it's necessary if you don't want to be putting yourself in danger. Maybe you get extreme adverse side effects from this drug and if you start off with a high dose it's going to put you in danger.

    If 10mg doesn't do much for you then go up to 20mg, apparently 20mg is the recommended upper limit for medical use. Anything beyond that dose is going to be unknown territory and you should proceed with extreme caution, maybe only increase by 5mg after that.

    You should be more concerned with your safety rather than "wasting pills."

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    The Z drugs do not cause hallucinations to everyone. In my case 10mg of Zolpidem teach me a strange world with some visuals. 30mg is crazy that I've only done once.
    I recommend that if you raise the dose to 20mg-30mg have a nanny. The amnesia is strong and you could do some nonsense.


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    I took alot i dont remember because it was like ambien where i just got insane amnesia. The only point i remember is looking at my window being confused by my reflection.

    IMO the hallucination dose and total blackout waking up covered in urine missing all your pills is too close.

    If you do use it id recommend sticking to theraputic doses then putting on some music and relaxing.

    Also, i would put your pills somewhere far away and inconvient to get because i get a mixture of stupid recklessness, forgeting i took any, and a strong conviction im not totally trashed despite strong evidence that leads to me taking way more.

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    ... You should have read a bit closer

    Zaleplon, and all of the benzodiazepine-like Z drugs are not hallucinogens - they are sedative hypnotics which act selectively at the benzodiazepine site(or rather at certain sub receptors, mostly) of the GABA-A receptors

    Hallucinations are in this case very much a side effect, rather than any type of what you could even vaguely describe as a primary or really even secondary type "drug" or desired effect, and really not the reason they have that "Fun" sticker you refer to. Hallucinations occur RARELY, in people generally with some tolerance too sedative hypnotics, enough so to fucking remember if the hallucinating. Fact is, they will end up knocking you out or otherwise causing retrograde amnesia if you try binging randomly, and taking stupid high doses, is, well, not wise, if you get the point

    So please, don't bother with trying to abuse them for alleged hallucinogenic effects. As stated, No more than 10mg the first time is not a waste, it's a tester dose to make sure you don't react abruptly to this drug. And think of them more like temazepam, or a more mild, yet more hypnotic version of a benzodiazepine. If you don't like other GABA-A drugs or GABAergics or similar drugs (benzodiazepines, alcohol, barbiturates, primarily, though also lyrica and gabapentin being GABAergics probably worth mentioning.

    I don't remember Zaleplon's precise potency offhand, as it isn't ((?)) as common as Ambien,
    however assuming no tolerance, 5-10mg is a starting dose, and after that, if you go much beyond say, 20mg, yes a sitter, not because of a "trippy" experience, just for safety and because this drug can easily cause people to blackout and act crazy, and compulsively redose, and end up hurt or in jail or something else bad. Or just knock you the F##^ out

    Seriously be careful, Good Luck

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    So true. There are many cases in the News of people taking Z drugs and driving, drinking and doing dangerous things without remembering. This is not "fun" and has caused the death of drivers and passengers in other cars.

    I only took 10 mgs at night but my husband and kids had to babysit me because I would get dressed and go outside to talk with neighbors. I ate gallons of ice cream, I gave away money....I never remembered any of it. I didn't have hallucinations, I simply forgot everything I said and did. After 6 months I quit taking them because it's not fun to do stupid things, end up in jail and have no idea why you are there.

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