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Thread: Sterilizing Ketamine

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    Sterilizing Ketamine

    Hey there, I'm not entirely sure I'm posting in the right place, so if I'm not, please let me know.

    Here's the deal, I scored some liquid ketamine (not street K, but the sterilized vial you may get at a pharmacy). The only thing is I bought half of it because it was too expensive. When I got to my dealer's house he had another bottle opened and was injecting it IM (there were a couple needles thrown in the floor). He was also drinking alcohol straight from the bottle (not an alcoholic beverage, pure alcohol with orange Tang). I asked him if he had put his used needle in my Ketamine and he said he didn't, that he put mine aside as soon as I told him I was buying from him. He also told me he usually gets checked anyway and he doesn't have any diseases, that cooking it kills all the viruses anyway (I'm gonna snort it, not shoot it), and that some of his friends do it even if he stuck his needle in it cause they know he doesnt have anything.
    Anyway, I sort of trust this guy, I've known him for 10 years and he's always been honest to me, but still. I mean, there was a needle inside the other ketamine vial he was thinking of selling. Is there anyway of sterilizing the ketamine to be 100% sure I won't catch anything? Will cooking it get rid of any viruses it may have? Can I add something to it to make sure? Again, I'm planning on snorting it, not shooting it.

    Thanks in advance!
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