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    Weed Featured Forum: Cannabis Discussion

    Cannabis Discussion (CD) is dedicated to the discussion of cannabis and is also the official home to synthetic cannabinoid discussion. Intelligent discussion of both basic and advanced cannabis related topics is encouraged. However, please resist the urge to post discussions like "Best Muchies" or "Best music to listen to while stoned", discussions like that are best suited for Drug Culture. How ever we do have a great social thread where your free to tell us what your snacking on while your smoking, or if you just want to say "whats up mannnnnn?" Check it out: CD Social

    If its your first time to CD I recommend you check out our wonderful CD Directory! Filled with links to all our current Mega Threads and other threads of interest. Here in CD we like to keep things organized, cause when your stoned its hard to find shit. To do that we have a collection of Mega Threads with the prefix [MEGA] so there is no missing them. We ask that before you start a new thread, check to see if there is a mega thread that covers the topic. If there is please post in the mega thread instead of creating a new one.

    Check out some popular topics:
    CD is currently running Hash Poll to find member's preferred strains
    There is also a survey going on if you'd like to make your voice heard in "Are the effects of concentrates different than marijuana (US Study)"
    And one of the more popular current threads, Is my tolerance going up

    From the seasoned stoner to the young giggler, from the medical patient to the rasta mon, we got something for everyone.

    CD moderators: Cream Gravy? and thujone and Potato
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    for any and all CD members, we encourage you to reply to this thread with any key topics or discussions you feel should be highlighted to others outside the forum so they knew what you've got going on and why they should check you out. Stand up, shout about how awesome the forum is....right after you get high ...

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    I love CD. Topics on legalization of cannabis are hot right now. Very interesting time to be alive.

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    It's a must. Legalise in the UK. Come on people unite. Change this law.

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    Cannabis Discussion
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    Quote Originally Posted by w01fg4ng View Post
    I love CD. Topics on legalization of cannabis are hot right now. Very interesting time to be alive.

    And legalization in the USA is spreading like wild fire!

    Dark green - Legalized
    Green - Medical use only
    Light green - Medical use, limited THC content
    Blue - Prohibited

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