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Thread: Question regarding ULD Naltraxone

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    Question regarding ULD Naltraxone

    I've read a significant amount of literature on ULDN and I was wondering if anyone has a positive experience with it? I'm not sure what is or is not allowed but I've seen sites overseas that allow it to be sold. My understanding is Naltraxone is not an Opioid or a scheduled drug. Are there any legal ramifications from ordering it overseas? I want to use it to lower tolerance to my pain medications. As a pain patient, we are unable to increase our doses anymore and in fact; forced to lower often. I need to find a effective solution to the problem in order to maintain at least some reasonable pain control and function.

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    Naltrexone is a pure opioid antagonist (whereas naloxone is an inverse agonist) as such blocks the effects of opioid drugs. The idea is that taking a very low dose of naltrexone gives some of your receptors a "break" thereby increasing opioid sensitivity later. Bear in mind that, if you use opioids and are dependent on them, taking naltrexone will probably produce some level of withdrawals. In non opioid dependent people it has been said to bolster the immune system and increase natural endorphin "tone". For this usage it is normally taken at night before bed so that it will block some endorphin activity during peak production and thereby stimulate the body to produce more endorphins and be more sensitive to what is already there.

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    Congrats Dr.Extract

    So if you can truly measure microdoses of naltrexone then you can use it together with something like morphine and have improved results as the stimulation of the MOR's, G coupled proteins, adenyl cyclase, etc will be positively effected.

    If you are one who likes the stimulation from your pain meds (like myself) then this is not for you. If done correctly you can improve efficacy of pain meds with naltrexone, but a look at the NMDAR antagonists should be looked into as well.

    Ultra-low concentrations of naloxone selectively antagonize excitatory effects of morphine on sensory neurons, thereby increasing its antinociceptive potency and attenuating tolerance/dependence during chronic cotreatment.


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