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Thread: How much Oxycodone is too much?

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    Capsule How much Oxycodone is too much?

    i just got me some 20mg oxy capsules

    i want to get the most out of it without ODing

    i dont think i have a big tolerance since i only use one capsule on weekends

    whats the highest dose i can take without dying?

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    The highest dose without dying? Pretty fucking high, I've taken 60 mg at once with no tolerance and had a sicknasty nod. But why would you want to waste your pills? I would recommend starting with snorting half the powder in one of the capsules, waiting 10 mins, seeing where you're at, snorting the other half. By that point you'll be floored

    If you wanna pop em, start with a full 20 and then wait an hour and add another half a capsule - I wouldn't take two 20s at once with no tolerance, that's a waste, you really only need 15-20 mg oxy to get high af with no tolerance

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    Trying to go for the biggest dose you can without oding isn't really a good idea especially with opiates. Even if you don't accidentally od or get sick you'll just end up ruining your tolerance.

    10-20mgs oral should be enough for someone with no tolerance.

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