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Thread: left field question about the aspirin in the ECA stack

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    left field question about the aspirin in the ECA stack

    Hey everyone,

    So this is definitely a guilty conscience in overdrive question.

    I sometimes take the ECA stack for weightloss and sometimes I up the ephedra content to get a little bit of that focused high.

    After I bought the combo today, I threw one half of one of the 81mg aspirin pills in a sidewalk trash. So a total of 40mg aspirin. Its probably close to undetectable at the bottom somewhere.

    Im just feeling concerned that if some homeless person finds it and ends up having an anaphylactic allergy to aspirin which could possibly become fatal.

    Additionally, I wouldn't feel as guilty if I was just taking aspirin for pain, but Ive also been sober off all other drugs and alcohol for 7.5 months and I feel like I'm cheating myself by doing this extra ephedra ECA combo to get a high.

    Anyways, combined with the above mentioned comment I feel guilty about the possibility of a homeless person finding 40mg of aspirin (as a result of me wanting to get that small high) and having an allergic reaction.

    I understand this is over the top but it's getting to me.

    Any feedback greatly appreciated.

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    Okay Im calling the troll now. Also do more research because you dont get high off any of those compounds

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    Talk to a mental health professional. Your thoughts are of abnormal nature as they come off obsessive and paranoid in nature.
    On the subject of blowing it being sober: a certain 12 step fellowship would say yes as you used a drug for a high as opposed to using it for its utility. Otherwise, who cares. If you're content with your life and it's not in shambles do what you want. Why care what someone else (especially some random people on the internet) dictate if you're sober/clean or not? If you feel like you're cheating yourself, which you said you do, then you answered your own question as that answer is gonna be individual to you.

    Seriously though, first worried about ephedra you smashed up on the ground and washed away with water, and now a half of an aspirin tablet? If this is a genuine concern, then seek some sort of mental health professional as life is gonna get a lot harder for you if these little things trip you up. If you're just trolling, then whatever.

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