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Thread: Boosting plants?

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    Boosting plants?

    Hi so I?ve heard from a friend that if you put mixed herbs (marjoram,basil,thyme,oregano)
    Around or in the solid of the plant to boost it,
    Unfortunately I?m not able to get my hands on something more professional.
    Any answer?.

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    What type of plants are you talking about?

    Normally people use things like manure as a fertilizer if you are going the natural route. Never heard of using kitchen spices. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you are talking about Marijuana. Personally where i grew up there was this massive pigeon coop and i used to mix all of their shit with the dirt in my garden and the vegtables i grew we're amazing.

    You could do the same thing with most plants, Marijuana is pretty easy to grow. When i lived in a rural area i used to enjoy growing my own. You can buy a bag of cow manure at Home Depot for pretty cheap, i personally would avoid chemical fertilizers if your smoking these plants. You could always re-pot them in the manure.

    Try to elaborate a little more so we can better answer your question. Welcome to Bluelight
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