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Thread: (DPT: 17mg & 15mg) - First Time - Getting My Feet Wet With I.M. DPT

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    (DPT: 17mg & 15mg) - First Time - Getting My Feet Wet With I.M. DPT

    Age: 26, Weight: 150lbs (68kg), Male
    Dose: 3-HO-PCP - 4mg + a 10mg redose @ around T-3:30
    Dose: DPT - 17mg I.M. + a 15mg redose at around T-2:15.

    My intention for this experience is to try DPT for the first time at a threshold dose and really get a feel for what this tryptamine is about. I've heard a lot of really bad things, and even more absolutely amazing things. I'm just trying to keep an open mind going in, I have a lot of experience with psychedelics (have tried LSD, mushrooms, Bufo Alvarius venom, 2C-B, MDA, MDMA, Salvia, and I tried Changa once but I didn't break through)

    I meditate for a while on my life and what I hope to achieve.

    9:05 - 4mg 3-HO-PCP injected I.M. Into deltoid. It seems a lot of people recommend taking a dissociative with or before your DPT dose. I have been using dissociatives a lot anyway, so I doubt it will influence the experience all that much. We will see.

    9:27pm - 17mg DPT injected I.M. into upper thigh. I then retreated to my bed and laid down.

    9:40 - I'm already feeling it pretty hard. The first alert that I got was some light visuals and a vibrating body buzz. It's growing me intense as I type this right now. I'm going to kick back ace shut my eyes.

    10:41pm - Wow, I'm still vibrating. The energy of this stuff is strong, but pleasurable. I was so immersed in the trip that I forgot completely to take notes during that awesome peak, oh well. I will try to explain what happened.

    During this peak of the experience, with my eyes closed, I got some amazing visuals! They weren't quite geometric, instead they were moving swirls of color that danced and swirled around, at times moving to the music which was so mind blowing to me at the time. I was listening to Psy-Trance the whole trip and I had some incredible music engancement. At sir points of the peak, I felt a presence with me, or maybe within me, and it was very comforting. I tried to find the presence visually, but no luck. It was just a feeling. With eyes open, I had some visuals during the peak that reminded me of the visuals that a low fuse of LSD would cause.

    One of the biggest aspects of the trip was the euphoria. It was incredible, it almost felt like I was rolling at times (periodically I was having shivers that were very pleasurable). The body load is quite intense at times, and it causes shivering and vibrating that feels quite amazing. Definitely a strong energy signature with this one. Apart from that, I don't remember much. I'm going to blame that on the 3-HO-PCP.

    I'm going to do another dose of DPT to see where things go.

    Redose @ 11:48pm - DPT - 15mg IM

    12:03 - Man this stuff makes my muscles sore. The trip is starting to intensify slightly.

    12:45 - Amazing. Exactly what I needed. This molecule is beautiful and special and I love it. The redose intensified the experience a wee bit, bringing back some light visuals, and I imagine it will extend the duration. Tolerance build up seems more similar to DMT then to other tryptamines, but I will need to have more experiences with DPT before I will feel comfortable make that determination.

    1:02am The body load is still present and I am having some paiful muscle spasms in my legs.

    1:15 - 10mg 3-HO-PCP I.M. to smoothen the ride.

    1:27 - Oh yeah, feeling much better now! I live dissos so much. I'm going to go lay back down and relax. Goodnight!

    The Next Day:
    I very much enjoyed that experience, but I forgot that I was supposed keeping notes during the peak because I was just so absorbed in the moment. I did have quite a bit of amnesia that happened relatively quickly after coming down, and I would start to forget bits and pieces, especially moments around the peak. The visuals were cool, and I can't wait to see what a higher dose brings. I imagine at maybe 30-60mg it would become a *very* absorbing visual experience.

    I had intense euphoria the whole trip, which was strongest at the peak, and went away slowly after that. All told the first shot lasted a total of 2 hours or so, and likely would've lasted longer had I not redosed to try to re intensify the trip. The redose definitely bright things back up, and brought the visuals back to a nice level. I want to also note that the vibe of the experience felt feminine, and was very sensual. As I was getting the feminine vibe, I was having a lot of body load that manifested as shivering and vibrating with a bit of teeth chattering thrown in here and there. It felt like I was with a presence in a spiritual sense. It was pure ecstatic bliss.

    I really enjoyed myself, and I think this tryptamine is a special one that I will treasure forever. I can't wait to try some higher doses, researching this is going to be very rewarding. I will try harder next time to log what is happening during the peak instead of after. I don't really know what else to add, so I'll leave it at that.


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    Thanks for sharing! I have some DPT to try via IM, I have snorted like 30mg before which was pleasant but not very strong. I was put off it at an early age by all the negative reports but I've noticed that over time the reports have turned very much positive on average, for whatever reason.

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    I had a real struggle with the 3-HO-PCP. I just kept justifying my use and kept on dosing even though I knew it was causing problems. So I flushed it, and if I order any more it will be from a known good batch. Honestly I prefer O-PCE anyway, it combines with psychedelics quite nicely. Plus I need a break from NMDA antagonists in general. Regulating my dissociative use has been extremely difficult, and frankly I'm still feeling detached but it has been lifting slowly over time.

    What prompted me to flush the rest of my 3-HO was an extremely powerful DPT trip. I took 50 mg IM and completely broke through into the DPT space and had a very powerful death/rebirth experience that I absolutely *needed* to have. It was dark at times, but I made it through. And I learned so much... It was by far and a long shot the most powerful psychedelic experience of my life, and I've had a lot of very powerful trips. DPT is something special for sure, it is by far the most powerful psychedelic I've ever tried in terms of the sheer intensity and velocity of the experience.

    I have a theory as to why there's so many negative trip reports for DPT. I think that a lot of the duality in the DPT experience reports is due to the fact that the majority of the erowid reports are from travelers who were either inexperienced with psychedelics, or were simply unprepared for an experience of that magnitude (so a lot of the reports make it seem dark and negative). Then when the B&D started up over here, and some more experienced psychonauts got together to discuss their experiences with DPT, it became clear to me that when people who have the ability to completely surrender to ego death try DPT, majority of them had absolutely shining experiences. I could be totally wrong though.

    I felt nervous about trying DPT for quite a while because of the erowid reports and consequently I didn't seek it out until I started reading through the B&D a month or so ago. Once I saw how some of the bluelight psychonauts were faring with the stuff, I decided it was time to place an order. All in all, if you trust in your ability to surrender when your ego has been completely demolished, and not try to fight it, then you will likely *love* it. I've never tried DMT, but now that I reflect back on that trip it was almost exactly like I've heard a DMT breakthrough described (with some slight differences. I will obviously need to try DMT before I know for sure though lol)

    Anyway, sorry for rambling so long, I had a lot to say I guess. Have an amazing night, and may the road you walk be blessed and filled with happiness!

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    I remember the first time I plugged DPT (after trying to vape the HCL a few times... ick). I was just rolling around on the floor with tremors of ecstacy. I was like "man this stuff is way better than what people act like"

    It does get very heavy though, as you found with 50mg IM.

    If I could only pick "one" heavy psychedelic to use the rest of my life, based on what I've tried, it would probably be DPT.

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    I wish I responded as positively to DPT as you do. If it was the only psychedelic in the world, I would value it tremendously. It's deep, rich, full, and insightful. But for me, it's incredibly dark and negative in its emotional valence, and that character persists, coloring my experience for at least a week afterwards. The only other material that has left a lingering unpleasant miasm over my life afterwards was 2C-E, and it didn't hold a candle to DPT. Great material, but I'm glad there are materials that are comparably deep without the darkness

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