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Thread: Smoked weed but didn't feel much...what did I do wrong?

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    Smoked weed but didn't feel much...what did I do wrong?

    This January 2018, I bought an 1/8 ounce of weed here in Ireland for ?50. I was so excited but I probably should have asked the guy to roll it for me because I wasted it all at home. He gave me a paper to roll it in and a filter but I didn't think I needed it so I just rolled it in sticky bad idea.

    Although I wasted nearly all of it, I did feel something. The "time distortion" you experience on nutmeg. Also started chuckling and things became lucid after I switched off the lights. Something bad happened though afterwards which I don't think is normal...I heard "voices". Not really voices but a very noticeable hijack of my internal monologue with echoing whispers like "Kill yourself....cowardescent".

    It wasn't angry but just like a whisper. After I switched off the lights, it went off.

    I definitely didn't do it right because I didn't get munchies and I could still think which apparently isn't possible if you smoke it completely. Also my eyes didn't go red.

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    Hey cowardescent,

    We don't use prices here.

    But in regards to your question, was this the very first time you smoked weed? Because i didn't get high the first time either. The second toke session is where it hit me like a brick wall. So, try it again.

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    I didn't properly feel cannabis the first few times I tried it. It seems to be something you have to 'learn'. The good thing is that you never stop learning. After nearly 40 years of smoking cannabis I've got it down to a fine art. Just a few tokes fuckin wastes me these days...

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    Either didn't inhale right or didn't use enough, to be perfectly honest. I got fucked up immediately the very first time.

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    I don't always get the munchies and I've always been able to think whether it was a one hitter at 15 years old or 500 mg edibles now. That being said I smoked like 3 times before I felt anything. I think it's a mix of not recognizing the feeling and not tolerating the smoke well. The first time I smoked I went through my entire friends stash as he just kept packing me bowls and was confused at how I couldn't feel anything. On the 3rd time I smoked 1 bowl with my cousin and I felt like I was melting into the seat and I knew I was high. Pretty much smoked daily for the last 5-6 years

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    1st time I smoked weed, hit a bong in a sewer under the neighborhood's main circle with my best friend. Spent the next few hours wandering the hood geeking because he kept pointing out obvious shit and I kept saying 'Thank you, Captain Obvious" and falling into giggle fits.

    I haven't looked back since.

    If it doesn't hit you the first time, just try again. There's something biological going on there but I can't explain what. Something about cannabinoid receptors' inefficiency the first few times they're activated/used.

    There's plenty of people that don't get high with their first toke, and plenty of people that do. Regardless of which category you fall into, though, rest assured, you can get high. Just be persistent and make sure to inhale (or swallow, if you want to try an edible.)

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    yeah many people don't feel right away... I didn't and I already smoked cigs at the time so I sure knew how to inhale

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    It took me a few times before I really felt the effects too, but that's normal

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