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Thread: CBD oil dosage for seizures (Charlotte's Web brand)

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    CBD oil dosage for seizures (Charlotte's Web brand)

    Hello everyone, I can't seem to find this answer anywhere... Does anyone know the dosage of CBD oil for seizures for an adult? I can only find it for children. Im using the Charlotte's Web brand.


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    I found this:
    The best way to find a proper dosage is to start low and slow and keep adjusting. For those new to cannabis, maybe try dosing at 5mg as needed to maintain relief. If multiple doses were taken during the first day, adjust the dose to 10mg and take note to any changes in effect. Keep adjusting as needed until relief is consistent. For those more experienced with cannabis, they may want to start at a higher dose, like 25mg, and adjust from there.
    Everybody’s endocannabinoid system is different, so dosage can vary. That is to say, that some will find relief with 3mg twice a day, while others are closer to 200mg four times a day or higher.
    • Chronic pain: 2.5-20mg for ~25 days
    • Epilepsy: 200-300mg up to 4.5 months
    • Huntington’s disease-related movement problems: 10mg/kg for 6 weeks
    • Sleep disorders: 40-160mg
    • Multiple sclerosis symptoms: 2.5-120mg THC-CBD combo for 2-15 weeks
    • Glaucoma: 20-40mg (Doses over 40 mg may actually increase eye pressure)

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    The dosage will depend on the route of administration(ROA), your body weight, and specific body type. CBD alone(isolate) requires a much higher dosage than with the presence of THC. THC doesn't have to be taken directly with the CBD to have the cross effect but should be present in the body prior to taking the CBD. Because of the way CBD degrades, it is best taken sublingually or possibly topically so that it doesn't need to be heated or go through first pass metabolism(ingestion).

    With THC, I've heard that as little as 25mg CBD can begin to be effective. Something like as little as 5mg of THC is required. Without THC, the dosage is somewhere close to 10-20mg per KG of body weight, so 700-1400mg per dose for someone 70kg(155lbs).

    If you are using tincture made with alcohol from charlottes web, it should have a low amount of THC in it. The best way to dose would be sublingually(under the tongue) but that may be unpleasant and not always possible. Either way, you need to find the dose that works for you. Being that seizures are risky, might be best to start with a higher dose and maybe work down.
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    I don't know about the brand it is med grade and very good though but in this etizolam withdrawal I was taking 40mg with THC around the same amount and it would stop the racing thoughts.

    Helped me feel better about not being on the verge of a seizure and is probably the reason I haven't had one yet. Unfortunately it is expensive here and I ran out of it or I'd be using it as a daily supplement as I withdraw from benzos over the next couple of years.

    I experienced spiritual headspace with it when combined with THC that reminded me of taking a dab with a bong tolerance.

    I was taking it to prevent seizures though as I began to stabilize. Definitely helped me keep mellow and I am certainly raised the seizure threshold it must have my supply has been fucked lately and the heavy taper cuts I find myself doing not out of free will are very dangerous.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris42393 View Post
    Hello everyone, I can't seem to find this answer anywhere... Does anyone know the dosage of CBD oil for seizures for an adult? I can only find it for children. Im using the Charlotte's Web brand.

    There isn't really an exact dose for anyone that is known. Like any medication you need to slowly build up and figure the correct amount for you. There are a lot of variables and over time you will find what works. I read this when I began using CBD and it helped me to get started

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