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Thread: Methiopropamine to treat Borderline Personality Disorder

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    Methiopropamine to treat Borderline Personality Disorder

    I have lived a long and complicated, dramatic life with many catastrophies and drama......for 6 years i managed to hold it together to a degree that all closeest to me thought it the healthiest i'd ever been....however for that 6 years i had been self medicating with methiopropamine.....that became unobtainable thanks to the UK blanket ban so the past 3 years i have been a festering heap of a living corpse......surely if the Methiopropamine made me 'well' should it not be a medicene to treat this disorder??....

    ...After all , Adderrall treats ADHD

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    Hai BPD, I have to ask out of curiousity if you have tried any of the legally prescribed stimulants and if they had that same effect. Adderall and Dex-Amphetamine being very close to Methiopropamine in structure. Maybe a phenidate type of stim.

    My own experiences match the effects describing a functional stimulant almost lacking any euphoric aspects. Very manageable I found it less morish as my Dex-Amphetamine tablets. The reported higher norepinephrine to dopamine ratio didn't translate in more peripheneral effects that I noticed. Probably less side effects as my oral ADD medication. It didn't feel recreational but I am getting why you found it effective as it's not that in you face. Mood enhancement fits it nicely if you keep dosage low and oral I guess.

    3-fluoro-Phenmetrazine felt even more in the background and side effect were lesser as both other stims.

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    I'm going to move this to Other Drugs, as it doesn't belong in Drug Studies... mods, please move elsewhere if necessary.

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