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Thread: 300mg meth + 4mg hydromorphone IV - Inexperienced - Yo sanity, see you next week!

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    Needle 300mg meth + 4mg hydromorphone IV - Inexperienced - Yo sanity, see you next week!

    Soooo, it's been two or three weeks since this happened. I had written a trip report before, but my cell phone's browser didn't cache it when I hit the back button. Here I go again...

    I have vast experience with injecting stimulants and pretty much all other kinds of drugs. However meth is pretty much non-existant where I live. I had been enquiring here and there, but it never found it's way to me until I finally found the initiative to launch Tor. The material was being praised as being the best meth you could get in the EU, fire ice bitch meth or something is what the vendor branded it as. Supposedly very clean.

    The shards where white/translucent and had a slightly oily feel to them. The largest crystals were around 1cm in length and broke down into a a fine white powder very easily when pressure was applied which would cause them to produce an odor somewhere between amphetaminee freebase and cocaine, closer to the former. Very pleasant actually. I could see why people would fall in love with the stuff before even taking it.

    Trial 1

    I snorted 25mg and experienced a nice clean stimulation for the next 6-8 hours or so, albeit it's nature was less sexually charged than what I am used to from it's non-methylated daddy. My wife and I take amphetamine for two reasons: Phenomenal sex (both) and improved cognitive capacities (just me).

    Now when I talk about IV dosages, keep in mind that I am a fiend for rushes. When I inject a stimulant, I am not doing it for the plateau effects, but for the rush. Much higher doses are required for this. The only stimulant that ever really impressed tge shit out of me in that department is 3-Fluoro-Phenmetrazine. I had a cocaine bellringer once, but found it less appealing than the blood-boiling sensations and pure tranquility brought on by 3FPM (see the big and dandy for more info on that from my end). All other times I tried mainlining cocaine were even more disappointing. I could inject 10 times what it takes for a regular user to get his eyelid-fluttering bellringer with whatever cocaine I've tried and end up with "Yeah I think I feel something now". I stopped trying after my first full-fledged seizure which lasted close to 10 minutes.

    Anyway, that's just some background information since I don't want to give anyone the idea that the dosage I used would be a good starting point. They are most definitely not from all I could gather.

    Trial 2

    My wife left me to myself and would join in later. She doesn't inject drugs (and never will if I have any say in the matter) and is turned off by some of the states she's seen me in after I injected drugs. I started out relatively careful with s shot of 100mg. After laying down the needle I quickly realized this was nice, but not nearly nice enough. Before 2min had passed I had another shot with 120mg micron filtered, sitting in my vein ready to go. I pushed the plunger and GOD what a blast. I started screaming like a fucking monkey "OOOH! OOOH! OOOH! OOOH! OOOH!" I got up, started dancing, I felt great. So much fucking energy. What better thing is there to do than lay down in the bathtub and play a few rounds of 'Mobile Legends' (android moba) and send text and voice messages to all my friends telling tem how good I felt...

    Sex was good, but not nearly as good as on amphetamine. Definitely not worth it for that aspect alone. Coding worked, but my brain was not running nearly as fast as it does on speed. I'll spare you the details. I redosed by vaporization once. While the material didn't leave any residue which is a good thing I suppose it still tasted extremely bitter and I didn't get the rush I was hoping for. I had to fight the urge to vomit for at least 20 minutes. I love the taste of freebase cocaine, but this? Never again! Went to bed at the 70h mark with s help of zolpidem.

    Seventy hours he says? That's not normal is it? Nope it is not. I have a very weak CYP450 2D6 phenotype. A large dose of regular amphetamine has me tweaking for 30+ hours. Plus I'm bipolar which is known to do weird shit with how your brain reacts to drugs.

    Trial 3
    100mg + 120mg were good, so 300mg should be great, right? I wasn't feeling very confident about this. Too little research, too many case reports of cardiovascular incidents. When I awoke in the morning, I immediately took my blood pressure. 115/[email protected], quite low. It was hot, so I was probably slightly dehydrated. My wife was still sound asleep. I went to the living room, laid out my equipment and initiated the procedure. I would sometimes stop somwhere around the 500mg mark with phenmetrazine out of fear of dying, but in this case I puhsed it all in. BOOM BOOM BOOM I could feel my carotid artery trying to jump out of my collum. Shit this can't be healthy. I felt nauseous. Not overwhelmingly so, but slightly discomformting. I sat still. All fear had vanished. 30 seconds in I took my blood pressure, it read 189/94 @ 88bpm. Whoo, that's more than a 70% MPA increase. Nothing I'd want to do on a regular basis. This one goes out to all the meth heads: Kudos to you!

    If I haven't made it clear enough: The physiological reaction was impressive, but I was still underwhelmed. I teched out hard for 3 days which turned out extremely unproductive and sex was nothing to write home about - What a fucking waste of time.

    At least I had no desire to redose at any point.

    Compared to amphetamine I noticed a few things:
    - I didn't get any tics. In the past I had suffered a fatigue fracture in my foot due to compulsively pressing one foot against the other on amphetamine and also regularly suffer nailbed inflammations because I rub my toes against each other while on speed. Whenever I take speed, I prepare by taping my toes atfer applying betaisodona to them. No shit. It came as a huge surprise that meth did not do this.
    -Hallucinations were more pronounced. At one point I took roughly 10 to 20 pictures of my hands because I saw them turn from healthly to purple to black upon unmerging with the couch/laptop setup. I always get hallucinations when I stay awake long enough and while they came at the time I expected them (after ~48h of being awake) they were more vivid and I had more trouble telling them apart from reality.

    There is more, but I can't quite recall in detail. I might edit this later. I have however mentioned the relative lack of sexual stimulation and cognitive enhancement compared to amphetamine.

    So the nausea kinda ruined the first 10 minutes, but even then this was really not what I had hoped it would be, but there were still 250mg meth left. What to do?

    La grande finale

    I always wanted to try a speedball/goofball. It saddens me to say that I have never had any heroin since I've never been into the street drug scene, so hydromorphone would have to do. The rush is supposed to be much better anyway and who gives a fuck if it's effects are unappealing relative to heroin when they will probably be overpowered by the meth anyway?

    I got myself 16mg of hydromorphone and loaded a syringe with a quarter of that, along with the remaining methamphetamine, 250mg. Again I had been scared for days before I attempted this. I compulsively looked through any case reports listed in whichever meta study I could find on the subject, decided it was not a clever thing to do, but nothing I could realistically avoid either. Buy hey - It's just this one time right?

    My wife was gonna go see a friend. She had seen me drop a joint I tried to roll five consecutive times on IV opiates before and did not appreciate it. She wanted to come back and join in when the worst had passed. However her friend got off work later than usual and since neither of us felt comfortable with the tension (it was tough to find the time to do this shit), she layed down on the balcony to get some tan action going and told me I could just go ahead.

    In it went. Nauseous I felt. "Yeah I guess this does feel pretty intense, but not as intense as the meth on it's own. See? It's not that bad." I said.

    I hate socializing on stimulants, but actually called a friend and when I sensed he was feeling a bit lonely asked him over to hang with us. He later stated I was calmer and listening more attentively than usual. After he left I started teching out. It was awfully unproductive at first, I probably spent an entire day configuring Win8 group policies on a new laptop and coding a service that makes sure every process on this machine runs under the Local System account. What the fuck?

    I later managed to repair an old laptop which I had meant to do for two years now, but only after I had taken apart 2 others which was needed to complete the job. I ended up doing a lot of preparation for digitalizing our place, but again: I'll spare you the details.

    This time the hallucinations kicked in MUCH sooner. Around the 24h mark. However I had been awake for roughly ten hours by the time I took the drugs. Still, much sooner than usual. They were also more pronounced. On the second day I mostly saw structures in the air which kept trying to swipe away with my hand. It was ridiculous. On the third day bees started invading my space constantly! It was annoying as fuck. I was able to identify them as constructs of my imagination thanks to my wife, but I still kept jumping everytime I saw one.

    I also started 'sinking in'. This has happened to me on IV zolpidem before. I would get the feeling of sitting in a separate space from my surroundings, sort of like a big box. It#s very hard to describe and I won't try, but maybe some of you have witnessed this phenomenom and know what I'm talking about. One can easily snap out of it, but it will keep reoccuring.

    We had no sex due to the opiates. Again, what a fucking waste.

    Before I went to bed I had the brilliant idea to inject another 6mg hydromorphone because - sure, why not? I should say two things about hydromorphones effects on me:
    - It is impossible for me to sleep on it
    - A large dose will last close to two days

    That's days, not hours. My brain is weird like that. So yeah, the old stimulant/depressant warning applies. For those who don't know, depressant doses that would usually kill you due to central depression can be taken more or less safely as long as you have enough stimulants in your bloodstream.
    However should the stimulants' effects wear off before those of the depressant drugs, you may stop breathing.

    In other words, this was a big no-no and usually the reason why people die from goofballs, but much more commonly speedballs (since cocaine acts much shorter than meth or pretty much any stimulant of abuse).

    So after 76 hours of tweaking and roughly 86 hours of being awake, each half of the remaining 12mg hydromorphone were shot and eaten respectively and I ended up being fine, as I always am when I do stupid shit. However I got up after 2 hours and walked into our living room. My wife had apparently forced me back into bed because while I did talk a lot none of what I said made any sense whatsoever. I awoke another 2 hours later at 2pm, fully refreshed.

    Had another 3 hours of sleep at night and went to work where I performed just fine.

    But even the next night I didn't get to bed before 2am because - you guessed it - I was still fucking tweaking! I really don't feel like doing the math here, but I was tweaking for roughly 5 days.

    I actually took time off work for this shit!!

    Why in god's name would ANYONE do this on a regular basis??? It just goes to show how bad these people must feel in their lives or how broken their brain is (aka addiction), because this shit is anything but desirable.

    The entire time between the trials I had free access to the meth and never felt any temptation to dose. There was also no desire to redose.

    Now whenever I talk about my experiences to people who see and know me (I look damn healthy and pretty fucking sexy) they figure "I knew this shit wasn't as bad as people make it out to be".

    Let me tell you: I'm just a lucky guy! Maybe it's the 1000 hours of psychoanalysis I've enjoyed, maybe it's hardcoded into my DNA or maybe it's the fact that I have a nine year old daughter, a wife, parents and friends who I all love very dearly, but there's something that keeps me from ending up where most IV stimulant users I've known, liked, loved or despised end up:
    Dead in a mixture of blood and/or vomit, pus, piss and feces, needle still sticking in their arm, family crying their eyes out for years to come. Don't touch that fucking dirt!!! I know more dead users than I know alive users. This shit is the devil. Every little bit of prohibitionist propaganda you read is not an exaggeration, but an understatement. You can not begin to grasp the horror that this shit can unleash on a life.

    If you want a real rush, combine psychedelic phenethylamines with dissociatives.

    Speaking of, I had a large fly agaric on top of my dinner last night which then inspired me to do just that: Loaded 60mg MDMA, 3mg 2C-B and 20mg 2-Oxo-PCE into a syringe, mainlined it and started to feel COSMIC ORGASMIC! (Topped by another 10mg 2-Oxo-PCE IM)
    It was perfect in every way, but that is a story for another time.

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    Man, those a huge doses of speed. No wonder you got nausea.

    I'm glad you got an ill effect, though, because like you said in your first trial, you can see how people can get addicted to it.

    I tried a speedball once - shot heroin and snorted 100mg meth. It was a comfortable dose and the closest to psychological addiction i had ever been. Like you said, meth is less jittery than other amphetamines, but again, man, those are high doses!

    I too am bipolar, and getting no sleep definitely is not good for us.

    Again, glad you're not a permanent tweaker. The only reason i stopped is for financial reasons and my dealer stole half a ball from me then cut me off.

    Cool story - peace and love.

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    Hey man, thanks for the report, quality as usual. Man, hydromorphones lasts DAYS for you? That's insane! I have never had it but most people report it lasts like 2-3 hours via IV I believe, it's a very short one.

    Anyway you should be thankful you don't find the speedball pleasant. I've never done it myself, but many people get super massively psychologically addicted to it.

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    Wow, great report. Very detailed, but wow, that dose of speed. Back when I was using meth IV, I was always afraid to go past 75mg, but had a friend that did massive shard shots. He would always have a coughing fit but that was his indicator of a good hit

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    Yeah, days.

    I'm known to react weird to a number of drugs, but this is probably the most remarkable example.

    Due to my weak 2D6 I prefer Tramadol over any other opiate other than actual opium.

    Mescaline hits me within 10 minutes when taken orally (after 15 I'm puking my guts out), MDA lasts over 12 hours, amphetamine up to 30 hours. Now I've found out a single dose of meth lasts 5 days.

    Someone here told me it's due to the fact that I hadn't abused opiates extensively enough and that hydromorphones duration of action would become shorter. I believe he is right, but more than that it is proof of how different we all really are.

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    Damn dude, you're a freak.

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