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Thread: Better off buying MD or Pills?

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    Better off buying MD or Pills?

    In my area (UK) I can get MD for ?20 a gram, sometimes ?30, but a lot of the time, it feels a lot like Methlyone, that feeling of 'just about to peak but coming down just before'. I'm just wondering if it'd be better to buy 'well known' pills instead of bags of MD. Rolls Royce 2.0 are common now, and some pill with some german supermarket logo on I think. Anyway, in short, I was just wondering if I'd have a better time buying a bag of 'MD' or a few pills for the same price. My and my mates have been thinking about getting a reagant kit, and I know that's the only way to be sure, but ?20 a gram seems to good to pass up . Anyone from the UK that can provide a 'Bag of MD vs Pills' experience, I'd love to hear your thoughts

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    We don't do price discussion nor drug identification I'm afraid so I'm going to close this thread

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