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Thread: Fisheye Lens Experience on Ecstasy

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    Fisheye Lens Experience on Ecstasy

    Hi All

    I was just posting on another thread in this section and it reminded me of a time I stupidly triple dropped (pink love hearts from the Manchester, UK area) and came up like a motherfucker. It was about twelve years ago and I was a complete newbie.

    I remember tripping all night with a mate. But it was the most unusual trip I've ever had. I was seeing everything through a fisheye lens and everyone had become cartoon character versions of themselves.

    I've never tripped like that since and it was fucking incredible. For example I know one of the people I was with was the son of Quakers and I saw him as this gentle cartoon character who was constantly holding his hands together in prayer, smiling, with a halo beaming over him. The other people I was with took a similar form according to their character.

    I had talked to one guy who said he'd experienced the same thing and we were both blown away describing our experiences.

    So... has anyone else experienced this particular type of trip on ecstasy?! I wonder if the pills were laced with acid or something?

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    See MDA. Similar to MDMA, but more visual.

    Not saying that's what was in those pills as it could have been anything of course, your description just reminds me of a couple of times I had it thinking it was MDMA. Good stuff, but it can catch people off-guard a bit if they aren't used to seeing things.

    I had a batch of white 'e' prints on my 18th that had tested up as MDA. I had two over the course of the night and some time in the early hours, I witnessed the incredible hulk on the decks at this nightclub.

    Strange thing is, a couple of years later, in perhaps the most random company synergy ever, Technics turntables and Marvel comics teamed up to release these limited edition T-shirts:

    I didn't buy one because $89.95, but still, pretty cool.
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    Also, high dose MDMA can get visual. But yeah, MDA is much more visual.

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    It could have been anything because it's ecstasy. In all the experience I've had with mdma/mda/ecstasy pills I've only tripped that hard a few times and it always turned out to be something that wasn't mdma/mda.

    Mda is very trippy though so it's possible. The last time I had it i tripped absolute balls, almost like being on acid but not quite.

    The first time I ever took ecstasy actually I had a fisheye lens experience. It was incredible but pretty nasty and freak because the e was dirty. Only reason I enjoyed it was because I was still in honeymoon phase.

    One of my best buddies had a 'difficult' trip one night on ecstasy. He said my head turned into a salmon and his dad was home for some reason and he said his dad turned into the devil (literally, he turned red and had horns).

    He then claimed the stairs going into his basement rolled out like a carpet before he puked his guts out. He was fine after that though lmfao.

    Anything is possible with e.

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