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Thread: Mild chest tension/tightness after MDMA Ingestion

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    Mild chest tension/tightness after MDMA Ingestion

    About 8 days ago I took 2 small bombs of Mandy (first time taking drugs aside from alcohol) whilst drinking alcohol during a night out. Since then, I've suffered the typical after effects related to drug ingestion. However, on day 3 I had a panic attack (first time ever), which led me to go to A&E. All clear was given after an ECG and having my blood pressure monitored (no blood test btw). But since then and after one more panic attack 2 days later, Ive continually suffered from having a mildly, painless tight chest, which every so often, makes me draw in a deep breath. What is wrong with me and how long will it last??
    Sidenote: no pain when breathing in or out.
    Any advice or answers would be much appreciated!

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    Im not saying this is the case, but the exact same thing has happened to me after taking MDMA before, im a very anxious guy and its caused by anxiety, if you are prone to panick attacks and anxiety I would think its just that if your ECG was clear and your blood pressure was fine.

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    The same thing happened to me a year ago, don't worry your heart is's just the anxiety stressing your chest muscles (
    is normal to feel like this for about 10-15 days and then the Pressure/pain disappears.
    But if the pain comes back days after drinking alcohol/coffee or take some drug, It is likely that you may have developed an anxiety problem, a mild form of "LTC" (Long Term Comedown)...but that would be in the worst case

    (sorry for my English, this is not my native language ...)
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