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Thread: Heroin -> Suboxone -> Kratom

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    Heroin -> Suboxone -> Kratom

    Has anyone transitioned from Heroin to Suboxone to Kratom in a short period of time?

    I'm a Heroin addict. I've been on Suboxone since the start of the year, but I found I can still get high on Heroin even on 20mg Suboxone, so I've been on a merry go round for a while. My most recent transition back to Suboxone (over the weekend) was unplanned (delays in receiving my H).

    It was rough as guts. 3 days of puking my guts out until the Subs finally worked.

    Anyway, I had 20mg Sub Fri, Sat, Sun, then 4mg Monday (all before 9am). Since Monday I've been taking 5-6 Grams of Kratom per day, along with some Xanax and Armodafinil.

    I haven't noticed a hint of withdrawal.....yet. I've also never withdrawn Suboxone without going onto Heroin at the same time so I have no idea how long Sub actually holds me for. I've accidentally missed a day here or there with no ill effects though.

    How many days do I need to wait before I can determine whether the Kratom is holding me? Anyone know?

    As a side note, even if Subs are blocking the opiate effects of the Kratom, it's giving me a nice almost weak coke like buzz (energy, confidence, self esteem).

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    im looking for help in figuring out when i can take subs again after taking kratom for like a week. any ideas???? precipitated withdrawal has happedned to me like four times in the past. im not looking forward to going thru that ever again. please help!!!

    as for you, OP.... im in the same boat as you. i've been dosing for two days now, no subs just kratom and have been on subs for three years, no breaks in between. im trying to figure out when ill be able to catch a buzz.

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    It's like this with subs: no matter how you cut it up jumping to subs is always fucking awful. Either you basically wait so long you might as well not even take the subs as you're clean now anyway, or you take them exactly when your ability to withhold from taking them is over taken by your absolute desperation to try anything.

    From there it usually gets worse and you have two choices, just keep taking the subs until finally one night you sleep - or you bail the fuck out and bang as much dope as you can until you feel OK again (it's generally a lot of dope)

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