Thread: low but regular codeine dose without addiction?

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    low but regular codeine dose without addiction? 
    I've started occasionally taking 1 or 2 OTC codeine phosphate tablets (12.8mg each) in the evening to help relax right before bed. I find it really helpful but don't want to get addicted or develop a serious habit, and am wondering how I should space things out to minimize the risk. Right now I have a rule that I won't take codeine 2 days in a row, but that's just something I randomly made up.

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    Even if you keep it at the level of 2 tablets every 2 or 3 days, you will eventually develop a tolerance to the desired effects, leading to a strong desire to exceed your self imposed limits. That's the slippery slope. We all started out with good intentions to limit usage, but very few have the strength to succeed.
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    I do Oxycodone, opium, or IV morphine every 2 weeks, and rarely once a week, sometimes I do get an urge to do it sooner but its not very strong so I can ignore it, ive gone some months clean from all drugs too, in my opinion every 2 days is way too frequent for any opiate or opioid especially if you dont want to get addicted but it depends on yourself... if you have an addictive personality you will get addicted even with using only once, if you dont you could IV heroin once a month only and you wouldnt get addicted, that has been my experience so far with strong opiates, I would say to take a look at yourself and see if you have an addictive personality, but taking codeine every second day your tolerance will go up fast and you will have to keep upping the dose, so better keep it at once a week max if you want to keep a decent tolerance and no dependance.
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    Trying to use on a schedule that is hopefully not frequently enough to get addicted is one of the first milestones many people pass on the way to addiction.

    You're better off keeping it way less frequent. Make it more of a rare treat then an every other day thing. Like a few times a month, not a few times every week.
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    Thanks everyone, I'll put the codeine on the back shelf, sounds like the risk of addiction is way higher than I thought.
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