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Thread: How to smoke powder heroin?

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    How to smoke powder heroin?

    Hey guys,
    Sorry if this is a repeat post but I swear I've tried every string of search words I could think up and never found this:

    Is there a way to smoke heroin in powder form? If so, how is it done?

    Thanks guys.

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    I'm assuming you're in the us with #4? I've heard something about adding caffeine powder to it, or something... give me a bit to do some research

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    Yes, but it might have fent in it. Just some white heroin last week with a little bit of fent in it so just be careful and start extremely small. Same way you would smoke black tar just a little less angle because the powder runs faster. Put the hit on aluminum foil, hold it at an angle, hold the lighter beneath the foil and as it vaporizes it will slowly go down the foil. follow the trail with your straw and inhale the smoke.

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    Yea the powder will melt into a puddle when you add the heat from underneath the foil with the lighter. If you then take away the heat then it will harden. Heat again and it melts again.

    Do like SheWasLvl18 says and 'run' the melted puddle up/down the foil while applying heat and inhale the vapors.

    If you've done this with tar already then it's not really much different, you may just have to experiment to find the best angle and distance to keep the lighter.

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