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Thread: I want to be sobber

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    I want to be sobber

    I have being reading you for a long time, today I would love someone spoke to me, feeling pretty shitty and lonely. I live in Spain and I am a heroin addict. I was sobber for more as 20 years and relapsed 2 years ago. I startet 6 month ago Suboxone treatment and I have being stupid AGAIN I am on my 10 day of Relapse and if I don?t stop it will get worst and worst. I know the hole process like all of us ...


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    Hi want2befree1967 - Welcome to Bluelight.

    If you ever need someone to talk to you can PM me, but a lot of the people in The Dark Side sub-forum are probably going through something similar, so you'll get better support maybe there.

    Good luck, and welcome again

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