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    Featured Forum: Sports & Gaming 
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    Getting to the point ...
    Bluelight has so much to offer! This month we're focusing on our Sports and gaming forum!!

    S&G is a laidback place to talk with other gamers and sports fans. We of course have most of the major topics covered, but you can find threads on just about anything here. Participation is everything around here, so if you have an idea (or just want to shoot the shit) about an underrepresented subject...go for it!

    The busy season is just getting underway on S&G.

    Calling all Bluelight NFL fans! Head on over to Sports and Gaming and check out their NFL thread. Lots of great discussion on this year's season and an ongoing [url=]Pick'em contest[/ulr]!

    But it's not just sports, there's gamers at play as well. Check out the PC Gamers Whatcha playin thread, as well as other platform discussions.

    Sports change with the seasons, and each new game launched is discussed in depth by members. Come join the fun, and say hello to the forum mods of D's and mal3volent.

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    Sports & Gaming
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    Just to reiterate... we only do our NFL Pickem thread once a year, and it's in full swing right now. We aren't even halfway through the season yet.

    The great thing about it is, we do weekly contests on top of the season long competition. That way everyone has the chance to play and win. Even if you aren't into that, just drop in and tell us what you think of your team this year. Bitch about the Patriots. Bash the Cowboys. It's all fair game.

    In the coming months ahead, as the NFL season is winding down, the NBA will be ramping up. The first regular season games have just started. The MLB playoffs are happening too. And don't forget about NCAA football and the college football playoffs! (Links below in my signature)

    Very soon it it will be NCAA colllege basketball time, as well. From the early marquee matchups, through conference play, all the way to March Madness and the Final Four. We will have our annual bracket contest in March and cry as they all bust when Chattanooga Community College makes their run to the national title game.


    There are a TON of gaming threads too!

    PC Gaming, mobile, console, old school. There's a video thread and a nostalgia thread. Casual gamers, hardcore gamers, fanboys, all are welcome.

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