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Thread: LSD, 50 hits - Experienced - The Ocean Of Eternity.

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    LSD, 50 hits - Experienced - The Ocean Of Eternity.


    This was in Athens, GA, in the late 1990's. I took 50 hits of blotter. It was kind of weak but clean. I'd say 60 micrograms per hit times 50 equals 3000 mikes or 3.0 mg. I took it on a Tuesday at 4 pm and summarily passed out. My roommate at the time ("Moby") woke me up to see if I was alright at 10 pm. I opened my eyes, and the room was neon green. I nodded to indicate that I was fine and went back to sleep.

    The next day, on Wednesday night, I had a visionary dream. I flew to the 7th Heaven which Brahma / Jehovah (The Creator) rules. It was a brightly lit place, like a star was nearby, but I don't remember seeing any stars. There was a crystal clear planet made up of only water. The light was so bright, and the water so clear, that you could see right through it. I swam with angels, who were also like me invisible silhouttes.

    Above the diaphanous spherical ball of water, which was about 1/3rd the size of Earth, was an invisible throne with two smaller thrones on its left and right. I flew up to the right side of the floating throne, with my face facing down looking at the ocean, and God told me, telepathically, yes, you are my son. Of course, we are all God's children.

    At the time, I interpreted this to mean that I was Jesus, who sits on the right hand of God, but I'm not like Jesus. I am the Holy Ghost, and I sit on their left. The Ocean Of Eternity: A LOVE THAT LASTS ETERNALLY!

    For Further Reading:

    A Temple Of The Holy Ghost by Flannery O'Connor.

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    Damn man, that's a hell of a dose!

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