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Thread: MDPV - Experienced - My MDPV Overdose: 500mg in 3 days.

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    MDPV - Experienced - My MDPV Overdose: 500mg in 3 days.


    I had been doing 4-MMC, which is awesome and for me manageable, when I stumbled upon 500mg of MDPV. I was living in downtown Fort Lauderdale in a halfway house. The year was 2010. My roommate had just overdosed on Seroquel, and apparently I subconsciously decided to follow suit.

    MDPV is a *powerful* DRI. Not entactogenic at all. Very stimulating. Fun at first, but the little got more and more until, by day three, I was in my apartment, naked, dehydrated, raging, and malnourished. 911 was called.

    The police wouldn't let me put on any underwear as they hauled me to the ambulance. My dick was TINY. It was 3 am. All the neighbors saw. The female paramedic said, "Is it male or female?" I was shouting streams of consciousness. At the hospital, they catherized me and sedated me. I dreamed very hard.

    In that dream, I teleported to Haley's comet, home of the Transformers / ATLiens. These are my people. ATLien is really a misnomer though: Were Haley's comet not part of the solar system, it wouldn't periodically come back.

    Even they were shocked by my appearance. One of them was a boombox, one a Porsche, and another a giant OAK TREE. He did his earnest to copulate with me, with me being the top, but I don't think it was successful.

    Two days later, the hospital discharged me to homelessness, the Salvation Army would not take me, the halfway house kicked me out, I couldn't get in touch with my mother and my father ("Samael") pretty much told me to eat a dick. My Mother saved my sorry ass by spending $6000 for a month of "treatment" which was, ironically, right across the street from where I overdosed.

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    The police wouldn't even let you get dressed? Wow, America honestly scares the shit out of me (not just for that one singular reason, obviously, but it is certainly indicative of how the law over there treats its citizens). Gotta keep the citizens terrified of "the powers that be" at all times, I guess.

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    Yeah we got some issues... it's not all bad though.

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