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Thread: Extreme scent sensitivity after smoking weed

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    Extreme scent sensitivity after smoking weed

    So I've been experimenting with smoking weed for my chronic nausea. I'm not a regular pot smoker because weed generally gives me a lot of anxiety (mostly racing heart), but I need to try something to help my constant nausea.

    Weed isn't legal for recreational use in my state, and medical use is very rare and not really a thing yet either in this state. So my local head shop has this stuff that is only legal because it's grown to contain only .03% THC (the maximum legal amount he says) and a very high amount of CBD. He gave me the chemical analysis from the lab and it was true. I don't remember the CBD content and idk where that paper is now, but anyway. I've smoked it a few times now and it does take away my nausea without making me feel much of a high, maybe a little bit of a high....could be placebo but it's not enough of a high to freak me out. Anyway. This last time I smoked it, it took the edge off of my nausea but then the smell of the weed started to nauseate me. Very strong flavors are a trigger for my nausea, and the taste of weed is very rich to me. Well usually I'm fine but this time around I got pretty nauseous from the taste/smell of the weed. I spit out any saliva in my mouth for a good while after I was done smoking it. Used mouthwash. But the smell of the weed that you get after smoking, that shit lingers in your nostrils and it kept making feel feel sick. It was like the potent scent of the weed was amplifying EVERY smell I smelled, and made every smell nauseating. This amplified scent thing continued for a couple of DAYS. It really sucked because then it was like the thing I tried to get rid of my nausea only made it worse.

    I'm just wondering if I'm the only one to experience this sensitivity to the smell and flavor of weed, or if it's just my stupid chronic nausea fucking with me again in new ways.

    TLDR - the smell and flavor of weed really fucked with me much more than normal the last time I smoked, and made me more sensitive to all scents for about 24 hours after smoking due to the smell being stuck in my nostrils I guess?

    Is there a way to get rid of that smell, maybe using a neti pot or something like that to irrigate my nose or something? I don't have one, but if it would work I guess I could get one. I haven't smoked since this happened for fear of having it happen again.
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    I've had this happen with other drugs, like tobacoo and dmt, so I can relate. It's annoying but there should be a few options for you.

    An easy and cheap way to get rid of the smell would be to leave your flowers out in the open air for several days. It will become dry as fuck (which can be annoying in itself) but the smell will greatly diminish.

    For a smoother smoke with diminished smells you can also try to water cure your weed. It's intensive, but not as intrusive as a neti pot might be.

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