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Thread: Friend felt no effects, how is that possible?

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    Friend felt no effects, how is that possible?

    I had a pill tested properly at a lab and it came back as 136mg of MDMA. I have a total of 5 from the same batch. I took one and my friend took two third of one. It was their first time so they didnt want to take a full one. Their weight is only around 50kg so I would have expected two third of a pill to work quite well on them. They also had an empty stomach. The pill worked on me, but only lasted around 2 hours. For my friend, they felt no effects at all and it did nothing. Two third of the pill should have been around 90mg of MDMA for a first timer. Here are my questions:
    1. Do manufactures sometimes put pills in their batches containing no MDMA to save costs but still make them look the same as the others?
    2. Is it easy for pills to be inconsistent, so a pill could have 50mg but another could have 150mg even from the same batch? I am not sure how hard or technical it is to get them the same.
    3. Is it possible my friend is simply immune and they need a much larger dose to feel something?
    4. I also have some powder, next time I will try the powder, but the results for this are only 79% MDMA and 5% MDA. No idea what the rest of the contents is. Would powder be better to try next time because I will know the exact contents then and wont leave it to luck as to what amount is in the pill?
    5. 5. Assuming I try powder, what is the best way to do it? I would prefer putting it in an empty capsule. I dont have any special fast releasing capsules though so worried that if I put it in a normal capsule it could take days to slowly dissolve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gsgshdfd View Post
    I had a pill tested properly at a lab and it came back as 136mg of MDMA.

    One third of the pill should have been around 90mg of MDMA

    How do you figure that one third of 136 is 90?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaden_Nite View Post
    How do you figure that one third of 136 is 90?
    Meant to say two thirds. Edited now

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    "Only lasted 2 hours" sounds pretty weird to me, especially if it's abruptly back to normal after that instead of the usual feelgood for a few more hours (or days...). Could be chemically low quality, 90mg of normal/high quality MDMA should certainly be enough to feel effects on 50kg. In fact, one full pill at once might be too much in many cases, so I'd be a bit hesitant to just up the dosage.

    I suppose you've asked your friend that she's not on SSRI or some other hard medication that could affect it?

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    My first thought is are they on any sort of antidepressants or other medication? I had a similar thing happen and it turned out the person was on SSRI medication which negated all effects of it 100%.

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    Like the other posters said, other medications can definitely dull the experience significantly. It's also possible MDMA just doesn't affect them very much either chemically or psychologically. It could just be the quality of that batch (I've taken 150mg in one capsule and had an anxious comeup then nothing after that, whereas my friend was rolling hard on the same dose). Now, I've heard that pills can be hit or miss especially if you split them because the MDMA may not be evenly distributed across the pill. It's not uncommon to crush a pill down and find shards of said substance throughout the pill. So based on that, I think the most significant factor would be that maybe the MDMA wasn't evenly distributed across the pill and your friend got the unlucky 2/3rds of the pill. Sorry to hear about that but it's also great to hear you did a lot of testing before dosing!

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