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Thread: Medicinal use with federal security clearance

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    Medicinal use with federal security clearance

    I'm torn....I've been on pain management for about 10 years with my current prescribed plan maxing me out on opiods (4 - 10mg Norco per day) with 800mg ibuprophin mixed in as needed. My pain management doctor has suggested I get on their medicinal marijuana program since Florida has legalized that purpose. They said they would design me a plan for no THC (CBD based) during the day and THC versions when I'm at home. Sounds great to me.

    BUT.... I'm a contractor for the federal government and hold a security clearance. I also have a concealed carry permit. The plan to not use anything with THC when I'm out of the house works fine and my company is fine with it BUT, when I get my card from the state (Florida) saying I can use for medical purposes is that going to be shared with the feds?

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    If it's only a Secret or lower i.e. not a Top Secret, I bet you'll be fine. People with marijuana use have been cleared for security in the past and present. Just be forthcoming, especially if it's a Top Secret, seeing as those are invasive checks.

    They will probably tell the feds if you don't though.

    Only an FBI agent could give you the answers you really want though.

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