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Thread: My gp has had his licence revoked from prescribing me S8 meds

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    My gp has had his licence revoked from prescribing me S8 meds

    First time posting... so my gp just told me he can no longer prescribe me s8 meds as his licence has been taken off him for me only I think because of my background. So I went on subuxone because my dr wouldn?t taper me off endone and I was scared to go through withdrawal. I found a dr who put me in a subuxone program but I only went on it for about 10 days and my chronic back pain was so bad I started taking endone again. My gp new I had been getting endone off other people because he wouldn?t give me enough to help with my pain so he said he wouldn?t condone my habit by giving me the endone to help taper off so I went on subuxone. But now I want to know if he can?t prescribe me endone does that mean that all doctors won?t be able to?? I?m confused. Can anyone help me in this regards?? So will it mean that I can?t get endone for my chronic pain because I was addicted? I live in Australia. Cheers

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    From what my doctor told me, after you have been on methadone or buprenorphin it makes it difficult for them to prescribe you other opiates outside a hospital
    They need to get special permission or something along those lines.

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    I'm not sure, it may even differ from state to state to territories as well. But that sounds like there's a detail missing somewhere there. License revoking is pretty hardcore and I'm almost certain there's no such thing as 'license for one person, revoke'. More like as you alluded, due to your history, he's at risk of prescribing.

    I get all my medications of addiction from my methadone doctor, usually the only addictive medication I'm on (prescribed) is methadone, so she knows to an extent that if I don't get prescribed certain things, I'll find them on my own. But the great thing about having her prescribe, is that I can get it dispensed at my chemist with my 'done. So benzos for example, so I don't get a script filled then eat the box as soon as I get home, I'll have the doctor write it out so they will only give me X each day (literally daily) or daily * X if I'm getting "take away" doses.

    Anyway - I dunno if any of that helps - but I think my point is that doctors who specialise with opiate addicts might be the way to go..

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    I?ve known mates with docs who don?t believe tapering of endone is nessesary.

    After being addicted to opiates a few years back for over 2-3 years I think it?s bullshit. There can be some saddest docs out there. And I?ve personally had a few that blatantly lied to me.

    Just a few thoughts. Not speculating anything........yet......

    hope something works out for you OP.

    From what I vaguely remember though, I?d prefer cold turkey off endone then some overprescribed suboxone dose....
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    It's not the doctor, it's the S8 scheduling. Docs cant just prescribe forever or extended periods, the regulators check up on the patients and know what's been prescribed and with modeling of injuries or pain conditions it's not likely to be continued without you being seen to undergo other treatments.

    I dunno wat your back problem is but you'll either have to be on disability through the NDIS with degenerative disease to keep up opiates, otherwise you'll have to find other treatment paths, there are some that are great, hard work but beats being on end one forever without fixing your back .

    Good luck man.

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