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Thread: Ireland, H, methadone and social services =?

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    Unhappy Ireland, H, methadone and social services =?

    In Ireland, there are loads of parents who are trapped in addiction, in particular H. We don't have bupe/subs here and the waiting list for methadone is 6-8 months where I live. This stops a lot of parents from going on the waiting list due to social services being contacted and their children removed from them, even though they are still fantastic parents, law abiding, just sadly suffering from this terrible disease. As a result, the cycle of addiction goes on and on and the self loathing becomes too much, thus leading to either suicide attempts, or suicide. Is it true that a parent in Ireland who is on H will be stopped from seeing their children, even though if they go on the waiting list and are law abiding, their children want for nothing etc......... So many parents in this country are too scared to come forward for fear of having their kids removed due to the stigma associated with opiate addiction. The stats are all wrong, so many people leading double lives here, it's horrendously sad. Has anyone any experience in coming forward with THAT addiction and what implications follow regarding their children? Thanks in advance xxx

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    There was another member who had, with the exception of her heroin dependency, what one would consider an average and responsibly led family life and following the 2010 drought eventually managed to stop using with the support of methadone treatment. She was from the Northside of Dublin and on aggregate seems to have had a positive experience so it is possible, but I cannot say whether or not this was the exception as opposed to the rule.

    6 months is ludicrous - I am in the UK - I finally caved in in 2013 following 8 years of on and off physical dependency and asked for a prescription which took 6 weeks from initial assessment to the doctors appt. (and first dose)
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