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Thread: Can anyone ID these blue pills with what looks like the NY Yankees logo on them?

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    Can anyone ID these blue pills with what looks like the NY Yankees logo on them?

    A friend has these in his house and was going to take them tomorrow after buying them at a party - he thinks they're LSD but I don't reckon they would be..

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    More information is required in order for anybody to (somewhat) reliably provide any information about these pills. At the very least, you need to post the pill dimensions such as height and diameter. For a more comprehensive list of the kind of information we are looking for, consult the pill info request guidelines. Unfortunately, the guidelines state that the name, colour and logo are not sufficient information for a PIR thread to stay open. I will leave this for a few days or so, in order to give you a chance to provide further information, but if more information is not provided in that time then I will have to close the thread.

    It would be helpful to invest in a reagent kit as those are useful in trying to determine the contents of a pill. This thread outlines various places which you can purchase these.

    You might want to consider making a post on pillreports in order to increase your odds of getting a response from someone who has encountered these pills. That site also has a link to another site where you can obtain reagent kits.

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