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Thread: Girlfriend trying MDMA

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    Girlfriend trying MDMA

    Okay so i?m going to a rave this weekend with some friends and my girlfriend. We?re all going to be dropping however this is the first time i?m bringing my girlfriend to a rave and she has never tried mdma before. I?m hoping she tries it with me because i dont want her to feel left out or anything and i want her to have a good time but ofcourse i?d neverrr pressure her into doing it if she doesn?t want to. She told me she will see how she feels on the day which is fine.

    Now incase she does decide to try it, she recently had a panick attack a couple of days ago and this isnt a regular occuring thing she has only had this happen a couple of times in the past. She is fine now however i?m just wondering if it is a good idea for someone to take mdma if they experienced a panick attack a week before? What if she feels nervous during the come up? Is it worth leaving it out? I just want her to experience the pure magic of mdma 😅

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    First of bad idea to try a substance for the first time at a public setting, if she doesnt have an anxiety disorder and you start with a low dose you should be fine, MDMA can trigger panic attacks on some people especially in the come up and they are horrible.

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    Depends upon the quality of MDMA you have and whether it's crystal or pills. Assuming you've got good shit (test kit recommended), then I would suggest starting her off with no more than 50mg. If you've got pills, especially these modern day high strength ones, then try her on a quarter. If shes enjoying it after a couple of hours, she can redose.

    These doses shouldn't be too overwhelming for a novice.

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    I did this with my girlfriend recently for the first time (she?s 5?2 and ~125lbs). Gave her 120mg of highly pure tested MDMA from the Netherlands and she had a fantastic time.

    If was actually at a bassnectar show and she had never even been to an end show before (probably not the best idea for a first time but she insisted on going) and had a lot of anxiety from how packed it was but once the MDMA hit it killed all the anxiety and she was good. She is also typically a high strung person.

    Personally Ive tried a lot of substances for the first time in a rave setting and thats what I would personally prefer (sitting at home rolling for the first time sounds like a shit experience to me) but just depends on the person. IMO Id give her 100mg if its good and tested as I dont think most people would feel much of anything from 50mg but thats just me.

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