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Thread: U.S. - Marijuana grow house wins legal battle that could have impacted industry

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    Weed U.S. - Marijuana grow house wins legal battle that could have impacted industry

    Marijuana grow house wins legal battle that potentially could have impacted industry
    Vicente Arenas
    FOX31 KVDR
    October 31st, 2018

    DENVER -- The owner of a marijuana grow house has won a court battle to stay in business after being sued by neighbors claiming the smell of weed was too much to handle.

    The showdown took place at the federal courthouse in Denver.

    The owners of a horse ranch in Pueblo County were going after a grow house they say not only smelled bad, but was hurting the value of their property.

    The federal jury sided with Canna Craft Grow House in Rye about 30 miles southwest of Pueblo.

    The owners of Meadows Legacy Horse Ranch a quarter-mile away sued, claiming noxious odors were too much to handle.
    Read the full story here.

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    Our worst sober people work only behind the scenes. We think with joy of the day when we shall be able to say Methamphetamine for the Users. Out with the sober. Heil Crystal Meth. No notion of the sober danger.

    It’s proven humans can’t detect pot amongst similar smelling plants while dogs can. Excellent ruling.

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