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Thread: Any similar drugs to MDMA you can take while "waiting"?

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    Any similar drugs to MDMA you can take while "waiting"?

    I usually go 2-3 months between each time I roll, and sometimes there are certain things happening(party,meeting a cool girl,events, etc) that I would love to get high to. Is there anything I can take that gives a similar feel or something that feels amazing on the level of MDMA? Obviously something that doesn't interfere with the waiting period. Have heard of people doing LSD, but it's not really the same feeling,is it?

    Just wondering cause I don't drink alcohol,smoke weed,coke etc, so staying sober for 3 months tends to feel long sometimes :P

    I know methalone(mathalyne?) and MDA is similar, but it follows the same "cooldown" as MDMA. Would love some inputs from people as I am very curious, but inexperienced.

    Have been stalking this forum for 2 years now, just today made an account.

    Not looking for anything like opiods or benzo's. But please include them for others if you feel like it.


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    Unfortunately any drug with mechanism of action similar to MDMA has similar rules of use.

    Although I've found a combination I find good for feeling amazing and partying. And before I proceed mind you I take lower doses of drugs typically..

    I'll dose around .5g phenibut, then get myself a good latte from a coffee shop. I like the latte as a caffeine source because the milk slows down the experience and lengthens the duration. I'll add 250-350mg of ground Maca root, this is important as it negates any crash later on and makes you an animal in bed if you bring any ladies home. Once I've drank my latte I'll pop 5-10mg d-amphetamine and I'm off to get into some trouble. Getting to my destination I then have a few drinks through the night.

    So in a nutshell; phenibut, caffeine, maca, amphetamine, and alcohol. This is mainly for me to go out dancing though, I'm not sure how effective it is for socializing. Note; too much alcohol with phenibut can leave you really fucked up.

    Essentially your looking to mimic somewhat the relaxing yet stimulating experience, it's really hard to get the empathy from anything but an empathogen. You'll never get close to MDMa.


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    What should I take threads are against the rules, sorry man.
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