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Thread: Coming off Oxycodone

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    Coming off Oxycodone

    I have been taking 100-120mg every day since July. I got off Oxy initially in April of this year after 4 months, but had the help of Kratom. The withdrawals really only lasted a day or two, however my mentally it was a tough for a few weeks.
    I don't have access to Kratom this time round as I am living in the UK now and its not easy to come by. I am just wondering what is the best to stock up on to get through coming off these pills this time round?
    This time when I come off, I am hoping and praying that I don't decide to start up again a few months later. Thanks guys!

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    Hey steiner. Do you have enough oxy to do a taper? Also would you actually be able to adhere to a taper plan? That's probably the best route given Kratom is legally off the table for you. Didn't know it was illegal in The U.K. What a shame.

    Slow taper is optimal if you don't have the time to take off of work or school/need to be presentable. Fast taper is best if you can get a week or so off. After that I'd just take Loperamide (not crazy "lets get high off this shit" levels but normal amounts to stop diarrhea), Pepto Bismol, and some Melatonin for anxiety and sleep. I used Xanax for years (used not abused) so I needed 10 mgs to help me sleep and 5 mgs or less for day time anxiety.

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    Tappering would be preferable
    What could help is a benzodiazepine (but really only short term), clonidine, as TripMcnealy said loperamide for the shits, working out once you don't feel like shit anymore to get the endorphins going and a hobby to have your mind occupied so you minimize cravings

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