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Thread: People from Belgium that like opi meds and benzo's?

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    People from Belgium that like opi meds and benzo's?


    Are there other people who also like opi meds and benzo's from Belgium? Netherlands is also fine . Because where i am from not many people and if they do opiates then it's heroin pfff.

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    Was gonna just close this thread and maybe chuck in a warning too cos it looks for all the world like sourcing. However, after perusing your other posts it may just be a misunderstanding. As such, I will simply remind yourself and everybody else that BL is not to be used to source drugs whether that be online or in person. Beyond that it is obviously perfectly legit to discuss your drugs of choice with likeminded folks wherever they may be. As such, have at it, and welcome to BL and EADD in particular

    As far as I recall we have had a number of members from your general aread - how many of those are still posting I could not tell you. FWIW, I'm rather fond of both... but reside in that bit of Europe which is currently trying very hard to convince itself that it is not a part of Europe anymore so will apparently be drifting off into somewhere vaguely transatlantic sometime soon

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