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    I've been off heroin for 8 years. I've been on the Sub/Methadone program for as many years.

    I have had steady employment and I have rescued and care for 5 cats. I live in a rural area so access to a pharmacy that dispenses bupe is limited. It's also tricky to get there Mon to Fri because of my job (Sat and Sun aren't an issue). Because I am reliable and a functioning member of society, and to ensure I stay on track, I've been allowed 6 takeaway doses. My last two doctors have had no issues with takeaways. They know if I can't get to the chemist then it's going to make life hard. They can see what a lifesaver it's been for me.

    My previous doctor relocated. Today I saw a new one. He flat out refused to prescribe even one takeaway. He told me that if I really needed it, I'd work it out. I can't leave work early. I just got a new job and I can't risk losing it by leaving early every day.

    Does anyone know where I stand? Does anyone know which doctors can prescribe bupe. Maybe I can find a new one. It's hard at the moment because I do live in a rural area so prescribing doctors are few and far between.

    I'm so scared because I'm not ready to withdraw.

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    Hi Moomooboo,

    I can totally relate to your situation, I used and abused heroin for over 10 years and was on an Opioid Treatment Program for the majority of that time also, both Methadone and then later Suboxone. I was picking up 16mg/day each week from the chemist after around 3 months of Monday to Saturday dosing with a prescription from my GP. Seeing as you were already on a program and getting weekly takeaways, I would try and seek out another doctor and have your previous medical records transferred to the new medical surgery. As far as I am aware, any GP is able to prescribe up to 10 patients on Methadone and 20 patients on Suboxone without having to become an accredited OTP provider. You also have the option of the public clinics but you are far less likely to get take aways immediately there. I spent years dosing daily at a public clinic but was only able to pull my life together after I started picking up my doses at a chemist once a week.

    I'm not sure what state you are in, but here is the phone number for the NSW Health Opioid Treatment Line - 1800 642 428

    Hope this is of some help! Best of luck to you.


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    Thank you so much. I've found one doctor near me who may be able to help. I can't get in until 19th of November but I have enough time left on my old script (with takeaways) until then. She may not be accredited, but she's really helpful. So I'm looking in to what you said about the accreditation. I appreciate you're help.

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