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Thread: Salvia - Experienced - Large Bowl of 20x with hugest hit I could get - Wormhole

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    Salvia - Experienced - Large Bowl of 20x with hugest hit I could get - Wormhole

    I originally wrote this some years ago, maybe 14, but I posted in a Big & Dandy thread and I don?t think it was seen by many. Anyway, here:

    I've only broken through once. The first couple times I had a really intense experience I assumed I was breaking through.

    These experiences were things like becoming part of the ground, having the mud yell at me, thinking I'm a tree, and having my ego ripped apart by the "layers."

    However, one night I was camping with some friends who had never done salvia. I had a nice big bag of 20x; two of my friends wanted to try it. We took turns doing small amounts around the god-like fire. I gradually added more each time, and the experiences gradually got more intense. My buddy couldn't get high, but once I showed him how to hold and inhale correctly he freaked out saying he was watching himself go crazy and has never done it since.

    My other buddy laughed ridiculously loud. I mean so fucking loud.

    Then, as a last trip, I decided to do a whole fucking lot. Like 5 or 6 times the amount it took me to feel like I was a flame waving in the fire.

    So, I hit it. Held it. Blew it out.

    Eyes went closed on their own. I did not tell my body to close its eyes; it just did.

    I was then in salvia land. No fucking question about it. This was unlike any thing I had ever experienced.

    I was in a four dimensional plane; that doesn't make sense now but it was how it was. The planes went every way and direction. The planes consisted of colors swirling into every shape, some of them distinctly resembled mushrooms.

    People were on a rainbow-like path pushing strollers toward a door. They told me to follow them through the door; I moved over to the door (did I fly? at this point, my friends have told me I was talking outloud saying "open the door" and waving my arms as though I was diving through water). My friend was trying to fuck with me so he said out loud "no, close the door!"

    Back at salvia land, I experienced a hand come out of the direction of my friend and hold the door shut.

    I wanted badly to know what was behind the door. I felt as though my friend had intentionally held this door, the door to the meaning of my existence, closed. I remember feeling a terrible feeling against him as I often do get pissed on salvia trips when people talk, make noise or fuck with me at all. I get frustrated and yell. lol.

    There was a tunnel to the left of the door; I began to swim through it. I followed this amazing tunnel that led to where I don't know.

    I eventually came out into a room with a row of doors stretching on into infinity.

    My friends spoke words to me; I did not hear these words. I saw the letters of these words, in rows of infinity, travel past my vision and into these doors.

    I don't remember much more than that, but that is enough to keep me wondering: what the hell happened?

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    Salvia is such a weird drug, I love reading about peoples' experiences. I also think it's fascinating how well people seem to remember it for being such a vastly powerful/strange space to be in. There are so many highly detailed reports out there. I've smoked salvia a handful of times, not for a long time though, and I had some interesting but light experiences. I have yet to really try to blast off, it's always made me nervous because of how terrifying it seems to be so much of the time.

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    When I broke through, it was way less-scary and way more euphoric than any lower dose I ever tried. Seems like more salvia would equal scarier experience, but didn?t seem to be so. I would try more if it wasn?t illegal here. Maybe one day I?ll go to a state where it isn?t.

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