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Thread: Mdma to help a struggling marraige?

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    Mdma to help a struggling marraige?

    Curious to hear of people who have used mdma as a type of couples therapy? Any stories or examples would be helpful.....

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    Depends, MDMA won't change your characters and current flaws. So therefore will be absolutely useless.

    However it could benefit you if there's old grudge or a broken communication, unsaid things and worries between the two of you.

    Personal note: I'm starting nto believe that if things aren't going natural in a relationship and need to be forced the outcome is never good.

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    I think MDMA could end up fulfilling the role of a good therapist. Sometimes people have accumulated grudges or built up resentment due to lack of adequate communication or some past transgression that the other is unable to forgive. MDMA can open up these channels and if done properly, it could actually do some permanent good if you manage to have honest communication about it. Ideally you'd take MDMA with a licensed therapist to guide you but we're not there yet as a society unfortunately. When MDMA was popularized by Shulgin, it was making the rounds for therapists who considered it the most significant step forward in therapy they'd ever seen, for its ability to facilitate emotional opening, basically shortcutting through many difficult therapy sessions that were previously necessary to get to a place where issues could even be addressed. On the other hand, if the problems are due to personality conflicts, it's unlikely to accomplish anything as the match is probably just not right (my ex-wife and I were like this, got together really young and grew apart and were never really that compatible to begin with, we just tried to convince ourselves we were).

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    MDMA was used extensively for marriage counseling for decades. However, the results were often "undesirable." MDMA allows people to talk openly without anxiety or fear, and to listen deeply. As often as not, therapists found that through these sessions, couples were able to share their unhappiness and dissatisfaction and decide from a place of boundless compassion that the best thing they could do for each other was to separate. So yes, it probably was good therapy, but it often wasn't great for the reputation of the couples' counselor.

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    It will not be worther if you try MDMA together.

    Positive individual experience for both and the wonderfull evening together is guaranteed.

    I promise you that struggling marriage problem or any others will be secondary at all

    In the end this is you who decide "to be or not to be"
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    My wife and I have been using it 6-8 times per years every year of our marriage. We have now been married 10 years and together for 13.

    For us it usually turns physical rather quickly but that typically leads to loads of eye contact which seems to strengthen our bond every time.

    It just kind of seems to keep that spark lit.

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    If it helps you guys to open up to each other and talk without fear, it would help. On the other hand if she or you feel too locked up to allow the drug to work, it could make things worse.

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    if you are both open to share this experience i would give it a go. My wife do it 8-9 times per year.. we love it, share stories and really open up.. and when up in a sex show :-)

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    Yea if both are down to try, it could work. But just know its not gonna fix a relationship that was destined to fail in the first place. Remember, love doesnt feel forced.

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