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Thread: 2CB (45mg) - 2nd time - Buzzing like a bee

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    2CB (45mg) - 2nd time - Buzzing like a bee

    I tried insufflating 45mg of 2CB yesterday - one block of 30mg around 12pm and another of 15mg at around 3pm when my visuals had begun to dissipate.

    I have experience tripping with a handful of other psychedelics (classics & NBOMe) but this is my second time using 2CB; the first being 20mg oral in a pressed pill.

    Timeline is estimated as I only checked the time roughly between hours.

    12:00pm ? I took my first dose. My 2CB was in capsules so I snorted the majority of its contents, reconnected the two sides and swallowed it to get what was left around the inside. The pain of it wasn?t half as bad as I had expected/seen described so your mileage may vary - if you?ve ever had a nose piercing it?s similar!

    12:10pm ? I vomit and begin to buzz with a powerful, nervous energy alike to waiting in line for a particularly intimidating rollercoaster. A honeycomb-like grid forms over my vision and colours distort - I have a mandala tapestry in my front room right in front of me which is equal parts blue, purple and white. The white becomes grey and the blue and purple are incredibly pronounced.

    12:20 ? The trip kicks in at full force with the typical spinning, swirling and melting intense RC visuals. I see geometric patterns and art in everything and tracers are so strong that if my eyes travel across the room, I see four or five ?scenes? from it at once overlapping like long-exposure (?) photography. Some aspects such as me waving my hand produce an oblong skin-coloured shape across my vision rather than a hand!

    I always receive bodyload on psychedelics - even very low doses of LSD - so prepared beforehand with an assortment of supplements including green tea, ginger and magnesium. Still, the bodyload here is the second most intense I?ve ever experienced with the first being NBOMe. I?m stiff, seizing and violently shaking alongside stomach discomfort. I also cycle between thinking I need bodily functions - horny, need to urinate, need to vomit etc (I didn?t actually need to do any). This was manageable but very uncomfortable so I wouldn?t encourage a dose like this in a heavy social or party setting.

    I also experience leg stiffness that I?ve only ever experienced on a high dose of 25i-NBOMe, so don?t know if this is related to RCs.

    1:30pm ? As I finally start settling into the trip (and not needing to vomit from visuals!) the stimulating, empathogen side of 2CB becomes very apparent. At one point I get upset because my sober boyfriend is looking at his phone instead of hugging me! Luckily 2C seems to eradicate negative feelings as quickly as they come so within 30 seconds or so I was fine

    I?m driven by a need to move; partially by the buzzing, aroused energy still flowing through me. I feel stimulated on every facet possible and hold an excitement or wonder for the world not unlike a pleasant LSD trip. I play for a little while sexually, try listening to some jungle and then just explore the house and my visuals fully.

    2:00pm I take a bath. This is noticeably easier than it was on LSD or mushrooms as on those psychedelics I often feel like I forget the motions of simple tasks such as this. On 2CB I get there with relative ease (granted after having to wait to come down a little off the peak!) however while in the bath I do notice I have a more introspective mindset than expected from this drug and can entertain myself thinking for a good while - this is presumably due to dose as I had NO ?trippy? headspace from my 20mg oral trip.

    I also noticed I could hear humming frequencies and noises from things I could never hear sober, as if I?d become superhuman. Moving water sounded beautiful not unlike shattering glass or chimes.

    Around 3:00pm I take another 15mg which kicks my visuals back intensely but does not bring back the bodyload half as bad as it was initially. The movement of the room is also a lot less jarring this time so even though my visuals are VERY strong I feel much more comfortable and settled. At this point I engage in oral sex with my boyfriend which eventually falls short as every time I try - especially if my eyes are closed - I?m smashed with a wave of colourful fractals. I do wonder how much of a 2CB trip is influenced by outside stimuli as it seems to dip in and out of intensity depending on what I?m doing or where (even at this dose I felt almost bone sober smoking a cigarette outside!).

    Redosing seemed to work perfectly and afterwards I wind down, eat something (eating kebab while tripping is impossible; I nearly turned into a cave woman) and let it die off, using poppers every now and then for a 20-30 second reminder of what I?d seen.

    My summary? 2CB was an incredibly fun and visually powerful psychedelic but it?s bodyload and nausea side effects MUST be respected especially if you are already susceptible. I feel like this could turn a good trip into an awful one for someone who does not expect it or knows how to deal with it.

    It also made me fall in love with at least three Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters.

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    Hey there, thanks for sharing. That is a huge jump in dose for a second experience. 30mg nasal is about the same as 60mg orally, except that snorting psychedelics makes them come on way faster with a much heavier bodyload. If you had taken 60mg orally it would have been a lot smoother. One other thing I wanted to mention is that you refer to "RCs" almost like a class of drugs. All RC means is that it's not one of the classic drugs that's been around forever. But you could have called LSD and RC when it was newly discovered. MDMA was an RC. Using the term to categorize drugs is meaningless. 2C-B and 25i-NBOMe are both phenethylamines, as is mescaline, but all 3 are unique drugs with their own properties. The intense bodyload was due to your high dose and the fact that you snorted it, and because phenethylamines tend to have heavier bodyloads, not due to 2C-B being a less researched drug. And really, at this point, I'd hardly call 2C-B an RC anyway, it's been around since the 80s and has been studied quite a bit and is almost into the pantheon of well-known drugs by now.

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    Holy cow! I would have been gobsmacked by a dose that high! Did you have tolerance? I would have been floored by the visuals and I can't even imagine the bodyload - 2C-B gives me major tension and cramping at high doses. Unlike 95% of people, I actually get less bodyload from insufflation vs oral, preferring insufflation. The pain isn't that bad, but even 10mg is enough to blister my nasal passages, giving me bloody boogers for days. Just thinking about 45mg...ouch.

    Thanks for the report! I really enjoyed reading it!

    X, here's a link to Erowid's stance on 2C-B. I hunk they did a proper article on 2C-B no longer being considered a RC.

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    Yeah pretty big jump from 20 mg oral

    I find snorting doesn't hurt as badly as its reputation led me to believe but it is seriously caustic. Even snorting something like 7mg has given me a slightly sore nose for days.

    Is an incredibly fun friendly psychedelic. Planning some more trips with it in the near future.

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    Did you say you were seizing?

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    Not having a seizure, I mean muscles seizing up/cramping and stiff tremors.

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