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Thread: Odd MDMA come up timing

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    Odd MDMA come up timing

    Hi everyone,

    I got some Moncler pills for quite a long time, I think a bit more than one year now, but for one reason or another I only got around to try them last weekend.

    I thought I actually got scammed because these pills were never kicking in, but then it turned out they did, it just took them 3 hours to do so!

    Now, I am not new to pills, it has been a few years in fact, however it has never happened before that I had to wait so long for the drug to come up. The setting was the same as usual, the only thing I can think about was different it is that I was not with someone I trusted, so I was kind of worried about "not rolling too hard", because who knows if I could have trusted this person to not freak out or whatever (kind of dumb to be with not trusted people, I know I know).
    May it be that?

    It seems to me like a huge delay, it usually takes me about 30 minutes for the pill to kick in.

    Or do pills expire? lol this sound silly, but prescription meds have expiration dates, so...

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    It's a very stable compound, I believe takes a long time (years?) to lose potency. This does sound very unusual, but I could imagine it being more about the worry you describe and so internal resistance, rather than an actual chemical/physiological delay. Maybe it just took you that long to relax and let it happen? Especially if it was a relatively low dose? I once did low-dose mushroom (a gram or so) in a situation where I was basically expecting too much or trying too hard, in a way I wasn't really even aware of at the time. I thought the non-experience was about over a few hours in and at about that point I had one of the most important experiences I've had--it was brief, a few seconds, but the most simple and profound feeling of gentleness. Like the Spirit descending like a dove. And then it was over, but it remains a touchstone for me.

    As for the worry, if you're going to do it alone, this would be the substance--much less likely to be a rough ride. Although there is often a sense of missing something if one is alone--it often cries out for shard experience.

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    Super tightly pressed pills can take a long time to come on. I had one in Berlin that was super dense where I felt nothing for over an hour.

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    Alright, thanks for than answers guys, those are things I didn't consider. Probably not being comfortable with my companion for the night was a big thing, since I felt like I needed to be kind of resposible if anything went wrong during the night (for both of us). Also the hardness of the pill, good call on that.

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    another thing that can delay the comeup is when you don't have an empty stomach. maybe you had eaten something before or had a meal that takes longer to digest this time?

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