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Thread: Sam-e and MDMA

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    Sam-e and MDMA

    I had it in my head that taking Sam-e (s-adenosyl....something something) the same day as MDMA would be not good. But searching on the internet I'm not seeing anything clear on this, and a few (purely anecdotal) accounts of people using Sam-e to potentiate MDMA. Does anyone have a clear read on this?

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    Bro, I know this doesn't answer your question, but I'm thinking of buying Sam-e for my you recommend it?

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    Mmmm. Doesn't do a lot for me. Maybe for some people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2C-X View Post
    Bro, I know this doesn't answer your question, but I'm thinking of buying Sam-e for my you recommend it?
    Ok I tried Sam-e for major depression. It did not make much of a difference except that it made me prone to lashing out at everyone sort of like a high dosage of caffeine. I gave it a while to see if things would improve but I finally decided to stop it because it increased my hostility towards other people and i felt it was only a matter of time until i end up in jail...
    Strange thing is that about the same time I was talking to an acquaintance of mine about sam-e and he tried to use it under doctor's advice for major depression also. He told me that he had to stop it because he felt that it was turning him into an [email protected] towards other people too. His wife who was standing next to him agreed 100% too. So long story short sam-e may turn you into a quite aggressive person ready to snap at everyone and it did not really improve depression so i don't recommend it. Also it is not cheap...

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    Ok, thank you both
    the answer is clear for me: it's not worth it !!!

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    I liked sam-e personally, but I found it only really did anything too noticeable for me when I was feeling particularly bad, just having an awful day or feeling really hung over or something. I wasn't trying to take it for depression.

    No idea about combining with MDMA but I do't see why it would be a problem.

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    @ionized How much were you taking?

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    I use Sam-e just about everyday to boost my major dopamine deficiency and have experienced wonderful results from it! I'm a faster thinker, things that wouldn't click without it all of the sudden start to make sense, & I'm just an overall more intelligent person when I use it. I also experience that whole being an asshole when the dopamine gets too high(which you learn your own sweet spot for over time) and I find taking a GABA booster(L-Taurine or L-Glutamine) an hour after eliminates this almost entirely! In fact this edge the two leave together has helped me become less of a mr. nice guy and a little more of a bad boy while still having respect for others when it's appropriate. It's a truly amazing supplement!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swim15 View Post
    @ionized How much were you taking?
    I was taking 400mg daily. My psychiatrist advised me to try 800mg but it made me even worse so I stuck with 400mg.

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