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Thread: (32.5mg DMT/32.5mg NMT/3g Syrian Rue Tea) Beginner - Rectal Ingestion Rue->ACRB

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    (32.5mg DMT/32.5mg NMT/3g Syrian Rue Tea) Beginner - Rectal Ingestion Rue->ACRB


    26ml (made with 2.6g seeds) Syrian rue tea was injected rectally @ 10:40am

    Held for 30 minutes, then expelled

    32.5ml of of Acacia confusa root bark powder (ACRB) tea made with 3.25g ACRB was injected rectally @ 11:30am.

    11:41 coming on

    11:55 PEAKING

    12:23 The music left, BUT still visuals

    13:30 Expelled ACRB liquid


    Absolutely intense but manageable.

    I began to feel effects as soon as 7 minutes in.

    It all seemed to come from sound energy.

    The ringing in the rise to all.

    No need (for me) to ever do more than 3.25g ACRB.

    Very robust and ethereal closed-eye visuals.

    It was alive, with pulsating tapping sounds like a synth drum kit rather than a full-on drum beat.

    It was just intense energy manifesting itself in every form imaginable all at the same time.

    Swirling pastel fractals, congealing into faces on occasion which lingered and maintained eye contact. The alien-like faces were animated and devoid of shyness with big pleasant strong smiles.

    The ?being?, whether in fractal form or with a humanoid face was moving incessantly almost like an octapus writhing around in a glass jar.

    And there was a voice!!


    The voice responded to my mantra.


    ?No Fear
    No anger
    Heal the body
    Heal the mind?

    The mantra, with fealing, seems to call the energies as needed.

    Once the active ingredient kicked in, I let go of trying to manage the experience. But the mantra would surface in-mind occasionally.

    The voice answered the questions as to how to achieve the desires of the mantra.

    ?Love everyone everywhere at all times.?

    ?Stop doing deadlifts.? (I have an old neck injury which is exacerbated by deadlifts.)

    The entity encountered was extraordinarily helpful.

    No mantra and you might be lost in hyperspace.

    It responded to my mantra in a pleasant voice.

    There was tremendous power in the experience.

    The entity clearly had power and seemed to be aware that it was in complete control of my experience.

    All in all it was the most amazing of the six experiences I?ve had to date.

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    That sounds like a powerful, wondering experience. Pretty amazing how quickly it come on and peaked, and left. Have you tried ayahuasca orally? How much quicker of an experience would you say it was rectally over orally, if so? I wonder if it would work without the MAOIs, since rectal admin passes first pass metabolism? Did you experience any nausea (one of the common side effects of oral ayahuasca)? Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks Shadowmeister.

    It does not work without an MAOI.

    I?ve tried smaller doses of S. rue tea which did not work either.

    There has to be enough MAOI to completely shut down the MAO in the system.

    And it does not work if the MAOI is injected with the DMT-containing brew at the same time, either.

    The MAOI must first be injected and given time to enter the system and shut down MAO in the intestine.

    McKenna et al oral brew had a whopping 400mg harmalas to only 36mg DMT.

    Compared to oral ingestion, this is much stronger an experience and shorter-lived, like halfway between smoked and oral.

    The best thing about rectal ingestion is you DO NOT VOMIT nor is there diarrhea, although your colon is thoroughly cleaned-out in the process from the first water clearing to expelling the teas.

    The reason why I tried this method in the first place is because the one experience I had with oral ayahuasca resulted in a massive purge which was accompanied by a less-than-impressive psychedelic experience.

    This method if done correctly will take you to the other side, you may encounter beings and astounding energy as I have.

    Check out my other threads for the 120mg DMT dose?-that was insane. It took me straight to the meat locker, then it was off to meet my ancestors. Lol.
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    What a great report! I've always been curious about this ROA. it's nice to hear that it works. I love how concrete and real-world you're insights were; my pharma experiences with A. confusa been just like that

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